Discovery pack – 2 cities in one tour

The essentials of Romania: 2 cities in 1 tour Discovery Pack

Main sites of Bucharest & Brasov revealed

Bucharest Discovery - click image for details

Bucharest Discovery - click image for details

what is it

  • Most travelers through Romania will certainly visit both Bucharest & Brasov.
  • Because you love our tours in Bucharest we decided to start them also in Brasov.
  • We developed great MUST DO tours with the same theme in both cities- call it Covering the basics if you will 🙂
  • Now you can take them both at a great price: 20% off for the pack

Discovery Brasov - click image for details

Discovery Brasov - click image for details

how it works

  • Click book now
  • select date & method of payment
  • !!! Write in the comments which tour you would like to take first (we will send you the meeting point based on this information)
  • you have 12 months to redeem the other tour with the discounted price
  • The pack does not include any transportation between the 2 cities but we strongly recommend that you take the train. Check timetables here: Public Train Company – CFR, Private Train Companie:  Regio Trans, Softrans

Discovery Bucharest – the sites

  • The Inn of Manuc /The Old Princely Court/ Stavropoleos Church/The Beer Cart/ First Commercial Bank in Romania
  • National History Museum/ Villacrosse Passage /National Bank/ University Square/
  • National Theater / Sutu Palace/Coltea Hospital / Intercontinental Hotel/University of Architecture
  • Military Assemble / Odeon Theater/ Hotel Continental/ Kretulescu Church
  • Ministry of Interior / Revolution Monument/ Royal Palace / Central University Library/ Romanian Atheneum.

Discovery Brasov- the sites

  • he Main Square/ Tampa Promenade/Weaver’s Bastion
  • Schei/St. Nicholas Orthodox Church/ Schei Gate/Rope Street/ Ecaterina Gate
  • Ironworkers Bastion/ The Old Wall/The Black Tower/ The White Tower
  • Muresenilor Street/ Old Town/Enescu Square/ The Greek Church/
  • The Black Church/ Humanitas Bookstore/ Museum of Urban Culture


3 hours tour x 2

A 3 hour tour of Bucharest & a 3 hour tour of Brasov.

Both tours cover the main sites.

This is the ideal Welcome Pack. Appropriate if you just arrived in Romania and plan to visit both Bucharest & Brasov.


See over 60 landmarks : Bucharest & Brasov

Walking Distance: 2.5 km per city

Heat warning

make sure you cover your head as the sun gets pretty intense in the summer in Romania. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you feel like.

Make your own tour

We don’t call ourselves Interesting Times Bureau for nothing:

Write us in advance, tell us what your interests, likes and dislikes are and we’ll try to come up with a tour especially designed for you.

We’ll also make sure to include things a bit out of your comfort zone just to keep things, you know…interesting.

so go ahead: take the red pill

Prices: based on what is agreed.

Further details will be communicated in due time.