Halloween to St Andrew’s Night

3 Hour History and Dark Stories of Bucharest

Tour Snapshot

Embark on the most fun and insightful experience you will find in Bucharest. We will tell you the stories hidden behind major landmarks in the city: urban legends, creepy stories and historical facts all rolled up into a celebration of our culture and history. From the Old Town to the most beautiful cemetery in the city we will share personal stories and folk tales about the supernatural realm in Romania. We will meander the cobble stone streets of the city center and take you deep into urban legends that have been roaming the city since medieval times up to present day. But don’t worry! We have the ultimate survival pack prepared for you. We will keep you safe and most of all entertained on this experience. By the end of the 3 hours you will have a full idea of the DNA of our traditions and culture.


  • Visit the most beautiful Cemetery in Bucharest
  • Dive deep into Romanian superstitions and how to escape them
  • Hear the most thrilling local URBAN legends
  • Enjoy the ultimate Romanian Fall drink


Not suitable for children under 14! We’ll explore the depths reached by human beings in hurting one another, thrilling urban legends and surprising Romanian folklore and traditions revolving around the cult of Death and the afterlife. But although there will be blood, terribly crushed love stories and even a pinch of supernatural, that’s not the point actually. Cheap thrills are best left to Hollywood professionals. What we’re more interested in is to give you a bit of context, and a deeper understanding of our culture, customs and identity.


Booking and pricing


The prices include one refreshment and one street food snackthe subway fair and, of course, the guide. However they DO NOT include food and drinks purchased at bars/cafes, so please bring some extra cash. How much you spend on refreshments is entirely up to you!

Minimum age: 14 years

Language: English

starting time: 15:00

duration: 3 hours

Meeting Place: In front of KFC Piata Romana, in Romana Square.

Culture shock: Low

minimum group size: 1 person

maximum group size: 12 persons

Private Tour Option

Use this option if you would like to take this tour as a private tour for whatever reason:

  • Privacy
  • Changes in itinerary
  • Using a car/minibus instead of walking
  • Other

Please write us at info@nullbucharesturbanadventures.com Prices: based on what is agreed.


  • local traditions and superstitions
  • urban legends of the city
  • beautiful architecture and dark stories
  • see the Old Town from a completely new perspective
  • visit the Bellu Cemetery, our local Père-Lachaise

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