4 best streets to see in Bucharest

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Cosmopolitan, historic, charming, crowded, regal and even spooky, Bucharest is a well-known mix of monuments and stories that will surprise you every step you take. We gathered some of our favorite streets, so you can take your own walks and explore the subtle beauty of the city.

  • Calea Victoriei (Victory Way) the most famous street among tourists deserve a mention as here you can find all the beautiful buildings that gave Bucharest the nickname Little Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. From the CEC Bank, Military Circle, Romanian Athenaeum, Stirbei and Cantacuzino Palace, you will be astounded by these architectural jewels. It is also the oldest North to South connections of the city,  used to be called Mogosoaia Bridge, later on named after the against the odds victory at Independence War.
  • Bulevardul Dacia (Dacia Boulevard). Getting a bit off the classic tourist path, for more of a local feeling, explore Dacia Boulevard, and don’t be afraid to meander around. All the streets that connect to the boulevard have a specific charm typical of a wealthy residential area. The houses that give you the feeling of little palaces, homes to important noble families with roles in the political or cultural life of Bucharest.  We recommend you to pass by Dumbrava Roșie and Arthur Verona Street, the latter famous for the annual Street Delivery Festival, that support street-art and urban culture.
  • Bulevardul Primăverii (Spring Boulevard) and the related streets of the whole district, are the remains of a high class district for the Communist Party. While they destroyed a huge part of the city to build blocks of ugly flats for the working classes, their neighborhood was a little piece of heaven. Former dictator Ceaușescu had his temporary home here, ”the Spring Palace” while he awaited completion of the gigantic ”People’s Palace”, the second biggest building in the world. Even now, the houses are inhabited by politicians and celebrities, making the area a very expensive one.
  • Strada Xenofon (Xenophon Street), the only street with stairs in Bucharest is the cherry on the cake. Recently painted in beautiful colours through a project run by Initiative Romania, it is definitely one hidden gem even for the locals. You can find it next to Carol Park, where the 70 steps will take you to the highest point in Bucharest for an incredible view. 

Bucharest alternately prospered and suffered according to the vision each ruler wanted to apply to the city.  But this also gives this city its charm – as many faces you will see the more you will get to its uniqueness.

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Xenofon Street, Primaverii Palace/Primaverii Boulevard, Victory Way

Images source: cotidianul.ro, huffingtonpost.com, Bucuresti Optimist


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