Shaking off the Past

4 hour experience showcasing the transition of Bucharest from Communism to Capitalism

Tour Snapshot

Shaking off the Past is a Communism to capitalism tour, a walk through the changes Romania has undergone since the fall of the regime. Join us to discover hip initiatives, awesome political changes and dive into the local small business scene to understand firsthand the charm of Bucharest. We will experience this transition through local stories but also great local food and a unique coffee brewing workshop.


  • Walk through quaint neighborhoods away from the city center
  • Haggle with local vendors in order to buy the freshest local produce
  • Discover local initiatives that promote the art and craft or Romanian minorities
  • Interact with locals to get in on the most recent events
  • Try your hand at brewing your own cup of joe
  • Experience an authentic home setting from communist Romania in the 80s

Tour Details

Booking and pricing


In order to ensure the safety of our guides and guests, we can only run a variation of this tour. If you would like to enjoy this experience contact us using the form below in order to customize it to your interests.


Language: English

starting time: 10:30

duration: 5 hours

Meeting Place: National Theater Park, on the steps of the National Theater

Culture shock: Low

minimum group size: 1 person

maximum group size: 12 persons

Full itinerary

Hour 1 – Taking It Easy

Your guide will welcome you with a savory Romanian street snack in University Square – the very spot where Romania fought for change in 1989. Here, in the heart of the city, the story of the Revolution of 1989 will unfold before your very eyes as you will go through the events that left their mark on the landmarks around you. This is the context to the story of how Romania went from communism to capitalism.

Leaving the city center behind, we will venture into the charming Armenian neighborhood, learn about the Mahallas of Bucharest, uncover the many influences of the city, thus making your way to the largest and oldest market in the city – Obor Market.

Hour 2

Time for some fun, as your guide will give you your shopping list, a few Romanian lei and send you off into the unknown of trying to haggle with a Romanian local vendor and come back with much needed sustenance for lunch: extremely tasty vegetables and cheese.

We will catch our breath over an early lunch in the market, savoring your ‘catch’ of the day alongside traditional Romanian finger food: 2 mici (skinless sausages) , bread and a nice cold beer.

Hour 3

After such an adventurous start we will continue to our next experience – meeting the Funky Citizens Non profit – local non-profit whose mission is to fight corruption in Romania. Be prepared for a blast from the past of Communist Romania by paying an exclusive visit to a communist apartment and interact with locals.

Hour 4

No visit to Bucharest is complete without a ride on the trolley – bus. Next up University Square and a unique project in Romania : a social enterprise that brings together high end designers and rroma craftsmen in a one of a kind setting. Stop a while, admire the amazing talent of their culture, hear their story and why not, shop a little.

Drop in for a quick, exclusive, look at some of the most impressive street art in the city, hidden away on the terrace of the University of Architecture.

Our adventures are not over yet. By now you should be craving a nice warm (or cold) cup of coffee. The up and coming coffee shop scene of Bucharest has a lot to offer but that does not mean we will make it easy. We have organised a fun coffee brewing workshop for your benefit. It will taste so much better if it is brewed by your very own hands, led by the expertise of some of Bucharest’s most skilled baristas.

Hour 5

Coffee goes very well with a stroll in Cismigiu park, particularly if it is the oldest garden park of the city: stroll through the winding alleyways, take beautiful photos and complete your memories of Bucharest.

We exit the park towards Victory Avenue – the epicentre of Bucharest in the interwar period, the very heart of Little Paris, in order to land in our last stop – the Good Beer Factory – no joke – this is the name of the first Craft Beer Bar in the city where will we will finish our day with a sampler of 4 local brews.

Congratulations, you just went through 27 years of transition in half of day and have lived to tell the tale, hopefully show the pictures of it. You and your guide will part ways, not before you get some final recommendations about what to do with the rest of your time in Bucharest.

Private Tour Option

Use this option if you would like to take this tour as a private tour for whatever reason:

  • Privacy
  • Changes in itinerary
  • Using a car/minibus instead of walking
  • Other

Please write us at

Prices: based on what is agreed.

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