A city on two wheels

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How about exploring the city on a bike? Bucharest is one of the capitals with a huge potential to become a bike-friendly city. We gathered some stories and places that speak of the will to transform the current urban chaos piece by piece.

For the past few years, biking citizens felt the need for a modern and intelligent infrastructure as they were struggling to share the road with cars. As a matter of fact, huge numbers of bicycles can be seen on the streets of Bucharest nowadays. But it wasn’t always like that. The recent explosion, the events and protests pushed our city to understand this organic need.

From NGO-s that support urban ecology through bike-sharing programs, to the huge number of bike shops and pubs, restaurants or parks that create facilities for bikers, the biking scene has exploded in recent years. Events like Skirt bike, Bike Fest, beCycle Bazar or Business on Bikes, are the main engines to bound the biker community. Their goal is to promote biking as an alternative way of transport. We also hope that this will soon become the first choice of any local.

However, the first thing every biker expects from a city is to have bars and restaurants with parking facilities. In Bucharest, many of them have already adapted – either welcoming bikers from the entrance with a funny message poster or having the interior design with loads of hints to the idea of having a bike.

Our favourite places to go with a bike are Dianei 4, Control/AltShift, Journey Pub, Acuarela, J’ai Bistrot, Verona Garden, Eden or Lente. That’s when we are not on our Complete Bucharest Bike Tour ;).

Featured image source: zilesinopti.ro

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Images source: Skirt Bike, Bike Fest


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