A Great Green City – 3 must-visit parks

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The following article was syndicated from Citinerary for Interesting Times Bureau. Published by Alin.

Explore the three parks you should not miss when visiting our lovely city Bucharest.

There are people that still have the perception that Bucharest is a grey city, be it due to its uneasy past or otherwise. Maybe the whole idea of it being in “the East” paints its image in shades of grey (not necessarily 50). But the truth falls further and further with each passing year, Bucharest becoming greener and greener. Below, you can explore the three parks you should not miss when visiting our lovely city.

The romantic one – Cismigiu Gardens

Inaugurated in 1847, it is the oldest official park of the capital. Located right in the center of Bucharest, within the old town, it is the perfect tourist destination whenever feeling like taking a break from the bustling downtown. It’s surrounded by lots of other tourist destinations, such as museums and historical landmarks. And, being located in the old town as stated before, means it’s also surrounded by the city’s best places to hang out, from nostalgic cafes to hip pubs and bars and great restaurants.

The park itself is really beautiful, having been designed by famous French and Russian landscapers of the age. It maintains a romantic atmosphere, being the perfect destination for couples. It even has an area called “lovers alley”. The park’s large lake gets filled with boats during summer and with ice skaters during winter, when it hosts the city’s largest ice skating ring, a tradition dating back to 1883.

And a little bit of trivia as a final note – Cismigiu was the first park and one of the first public places in the world to be electrically illuminated.

The grand one – Herastrau Park

It is the largest city park in Europe. Its sheer size makes it possible for someone to spend a whole day winding on its paths and not get bored a bit. It is the park that has it all – bicycle trails, public entertainers, concert areas, outdoor theaters and cinemas, skate parks, lots of bars and patios, high-star cuisine restaurants, yacht club, golf course and generally lots of fun areas.

But it is best known for being the host of one of the most important museums in Romania – Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum. The park is also host to the largest beerhouse in Eastern Europe – Beraria H and the famous Hard Rock Café Bucharest. Its lake is also a touristic attraction, cruise ships and rented boats adding an aquatic theme to the experience.

The hidden gem – Ioanid Park

Every big city has certain places that are less known to the large public, and parks are no exception. Designed at the turn of the 20th century, inspired by Parisian boutique parks, such as the famous Parc Monceau, Ioanid Park is hidden from mainstream circulated areas, being located in the sleepy quiet old streets adjacent to the city center.

The main architectural themes of the surroundings are Baroque and Art Nouveau, thus getting to the park being a pleasant touristic experience in its own. The park itself is a quiet heaven, being untouched by modern times. It’s the place where you take a good book and a coffee to-go and treat yourself with a well-deserved relaxing afternoon. Why not try to find it and have a serendipity moment of your own?

Or, join our alternative tour and then you will know the stories of the park’s surroundings and the various green parts of our lovely city.

Alin –

Featured image source: https://citinerary.net

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