Accommodating the Tastes of Many – Food Trends in Bucharest

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The following article was syndicated from Citinerary for Interesting Times Bureau. Published by Raluca.

As a food-lover, I’ve noticed this past year a head-to-head trend among people in Bucharest: burger lovers vs. organic enthusiasts.

Social trends aside, it’s interesting to see what has triggered this trend and ultimately where you can, as an adventurous tourist, enjoy the best of both in Bucharest.

One thing that makes Bucharest so interesting (I may be biased, I admit) is that the restaurant scene currently finds itself in a period of dynamic development. The main factor is because Romanians love good food and going out, but also because they appreciate what is new, hip and trendy.

The burger revolution

Burgers weren’t such a big thing 2 years ago. There were some places which served good ones (Hard rock café), but there wasn’t such a hype as now. I’ve seen articles mentioning ‘burger revolution’ and there’s even a‘Burger Van’ wandering around the city serving what I’ve heard are some genuinely awesome burgers! To top that off, we had a ‘Burger Festival’ a month ago, where 9 restaurants competed for the title of “the best burger in town”.

My recommendations if you’re craving a delicious burger when in town, would be the following spots:

Vivo Fusion food bar ‘Juicy’ is the best word that can describe the food here. The meat is top quality, no food additives, cooked in which-ever style you prefer (from medium-raw to well-done) and the titles in the menu are more than self-explanatory: Game of Dijons, Breaking Gouda, Carnifornication.

You can order them with a side of cheesy potatoes (cheesy & garlicky fries) plus a beer for under 50 lei (12 euros).

Burgerz – This is the newest place in town, which actually sells itself as the ‘first burger-delivery service in Bucharest’. If you would want to eat out, though, you can find Burgerz located at the beautiful Floreasca pool, up-north in the city, where you can combine the relaxation of a summer’s afternoon with a juicy handful of deliciousness.

The organic frenzy

The supermarket chains witnessed also a shift in consumer demand in previous years with now entire aisles dedicated to wholesome and organic products. In fact, in 2013, Romania won the status of country of the year at Biofach, world’s Leading Trade Fair for organic food.

Where to go when in town?

Restaurant BioFresh: A raw-vegan restaurant, which often hosts jazz concerts. Delicious mango lemonade and blueberry cake. The crunchy salads are also a must-order.

Rawdia – This is the new raw vegan and vegetarian restaurant in town. Their motto is: ‘love – then come the ingredients’.

The ginger and goji lemonade is again a hit and for a main course I would recommend raw veggie soup with caju and sour cream, the spring rolls and for dessert the berry tart.

As you can see, Bucharest is a place which accommodates the tastes of many. Whether you’re a meat lover and would like to enjoy a juicy burger by the pool or a veggie passionate hungry for healthiness, you can always find an affordable and top notch place to eat in town. Just come by and check it out for yourselves!

– Raluca – 

Featured image source: Burger Van

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