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Beautiful Decay & Alternative Combo Tour

A lot of street art with a touch of urbex

Join our most popular tour yet and bounce off the tourist path! This is not an average walking tour of Bucharest, but an exciting way to discover our rich urban culture through stunning street art and beautiful decayed locations.

The Beautiful Decay & Alternative Combo Tour lets you expect the unexpected and grow your enthusiasm for the alternative culture. The historical details and the intriguing stories will only add a more memorable touch to the allure of exploring the remarkable abandoned architecture and the most amazing and innovative street art our seductive city has to offer.

The tour will explore the street art culture, as well as the historical part of the city, with privileged access to some very interesting sites. The charming quarters of the old town and its secret summer gardens will cover the most vibrant and exciting areas in town, as we will head up to more eclectic, and astonishing murals and graffiti that nobody wants to miss!

So, if exploring the underground art culture of Bucharest is your thing, then jump on board!


  • captivating neighborhoods with a rich historical background
  • quirky buildings
  • belle époque and modernist architecture
  • hip socializing places where locals hang out
  • tales of the old city
  • counterculture
  • exciting street art murals
  • privileged access to a beautifully decayed 120+ year-old mansion, never restored

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After 50 years of Communism and 20 odd years of transition, Bucharest is never short of abandoned urban beauty.

The renovation of  19th or early 20th century  historical buildings – viewed a as symbol of upper class domination by socialist authorities – was never considered a priority by the governments of post-communist era.

Recommended gear: a proper outfit, comfortable footwear and, obviously, the camera.

Upground, Underground, Middle Earth

Upground, Underground, Middle Earth


4 hours tour

We are the proud operator in Bucharest for Urban Adventures. You can purchase these tours directly from our sister site Bucharest Urban Adventures at special prices by clicking the booking button below.


Walking Distance: 7.1 km

Refreshments: 1

Heat warning

Make sure you cover your head as the sun gets pretty intense in summertime in Romania. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you feel like.

For larger groups give us a message and we’ll try to accommodate.

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The prices INCLUDE one refreshment, one street food snack, and of course, the guide. However they DO NOT INCLUDE food and drinks purchased at bars/pub, so please bring some extra cash. How much you spend on other stuff is entirely up to you!

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