Beer Pack – 2 cities in one tour

The 101 of Romania’s emerging craft beer scene revealed in our 2 cities in 1 tour : Beer Pack

Local breweries & hippest hangouts of Bucharest & Brasov revealed

Bucharest Beer Tour - click image for details

Bucharest Beer Tour - click image for details

what is it

  • Most travelers through Romania will certainly visit both Bucharest & Brasov.
  • Because you love our tours in Bucharest we decided to start them also in Brasov.
  • We developed great MUST DO tours with the same theme in both cities- call it Covering the basics if you will 🙂 In this case, covering the basics of beer tasting and beer making
  • Now you can take them both at a great price: 20% off for the pack

Brasov by Beer Tour - click image for details

Brasov by Beer Tour - click image for details

how it works

  • Click book now
  • select date & method of payment
  • !!! Write in the comments which tour you would like to take first (we will send you the meeting point based on this information)
  • you have 12 months to redeem the other tour with the discounted price
  • The pack does not include any transportation between the 2 cities but we strongly recommend that you take the train. Check timetables here: Public Train Company – CFR, Private Train Companie:  Regio Trans, Softrans

Bucharest Beer Tour – highlights

  • Sample some of the best local beers, from craft/microbrews to everyday brands, while learning a few insights of the brewing process.
  • Discover the historical area of Bucharest and the beautiful city centre squares.
  • Learn about the local tales & legends, from the old days to the modern world, that your local expert will secretly disclose to you.
  • Taste and enjoy a traditional Romanian food platter in one of the hippest bars in town.
  • Enjoy the local taste of a popular and delicious Romanian street snack.

Brasov by Beer – highlights

  • A sweet surprise to get those energy levels up for our night on the town
  • The best local craft beer samples (1.2 litres worth to be exact!) and learn about their unique brewing process
  • Discover the city’s main highlights, pretty squares and striking medieval architecture with a local guide by your side
  • Meet colourful locals, always ready to engage in conversation and tell you why Brasov is the jewel of Transylvania
  • Enjoy a delicious cheese platter (with a twist) consisting of locally produced cheeses, including the famous smoked cas, served in one of the hippest places in town


3 hours tour x 2

A 3 hour tour of Bucharest &  a 3 hour tour of Brasov covering some of the most important sights of the city & more importantly the up and coming local businesses that support an emerging craft beer industry.

This is the ideal fun Pack if you arrived to Romania and are looking for a new perspective on the 2 most famous Romanian cities: Bucharest & Brasov. Discover our country while finding out about beer making, beer tasting with a side dish of historical facts.


Taste over 10 types of Romanian beer : Bucharest & Brasov

Duration : 2 * 3.5 hours /city

Minimum age: 18 years

Starting time: 6:30 pm (both Bucharest & Brasov)

Make your own tour

We don’t call ourselves Interesting Times Bureau for nothing:

Write us in advance, tell us what your interests, likes and dislikes are and we’ll try to come up with a tour especially designed for you.

We’ll also make sure to include things a bit out of your comfort zone just to keep things, you know…interesting.

so go ahead: take the red pill

Prices: based on what is agreed.

Further details will be communicated in due time.