Best rooftop bars in Bucharest

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Summer days are known to get real hot in Bucharest, but there are places where you can feel like escaping the urban atmosphere, while enjoying a cold refreshing drink. The best ones in our opinion are those closer to the sky. We just checked two of the newest and coolest bars that offer a view over Bucharest as well as an interesting story of the building:

  • Deschis Gastrobar is located on top of a former cotton factory (Splaiul Unirii 160), with few skyscrapers around, so that the aperture will guarantee perfect stargazing and night sky watching. Beside that, the food is mostly healthy, slow-food type, with diverse sandwiches or salads, especially created for the active creative community. Next to a cold lemonade, food it’s the best support for movie nights, educative workshops or interesting projects that are organized in there.
  • Pura Vida Sky Bar not only has a seaside atmosphere to offer, but also a special view over the old town, due to its location and the copper rooftops that shine in a epic way at sunset. It is located on the fifth floor of Pura Vida Hostel, so you can meet other tourists, eager to discover the city. Moreover, for those that feel like exploring, please note that most of our tours end there, so it’s very likely you’ll meet one of our guides. Buy her/him a beer and he’ll spill the secrets of this city.


Even if it’s not a new one, we still need to mention our top favourite rooftop view, which is the terrace of National Museum of Contemporary Art. It is located on the west wing of the Palace of Parliament, one of the biggest buildings in the world. You can arrive in style with a glass elevator that will easily introduce you to the communist landscape. It will offer you a totally different experience, as the place itself was suppose to be the home of Ceausescu, our former dictator.

Featured image source: Cris Palmes, Pura Vida Sky Bar.


  • Old abandoned factories are given back to the community;
  • Rooftop terraces are 2015’s summer trend in Bucharest;
  • Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the Palace of Parliament.
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