Brasov Discovery

Welcome to the outdoor capital of Romania

Brasov’s main sites revealed

the city & the tour

A modern walking tour with a medieval twist

Brasov is one of the must-see places that everyone needs to discover. Not only one of Romania’s top tourist destinations, but a thrilling city that comes with a bit of everything – breathtaking mountain scenery, captivating medieval vibe, and lively culture. Not to mention the charming old city centre, the impressive architectural heritage, or the jazzy array of cafes.

The Absolutely Brasov guided tour will take you straight to the heart of this fascinating city, giving you the chance to see it through the eyes of an enthusiast local guide. You will not only get to see the most popular sights, but uncover parts of Brasov you may never have known about.

the sites

  • The Main Square/ Tampa Promenade/Weaver’s Bastion
  • Schei/St. Nicholas Orthodox Church/ Schei Gate/Rope Street/ Ecaterina Gate
  • Ironworkers Bastion/ The Old Wall/The Black Tower/ The White Tower
  • Muresenilor Street/ Old Town/Enescu Square/ The Greek Church/
  • The Black Church/ Humanitas Bookstore/ Museum of Urban Culture


You will see why we call it Romania’s outdoor capital. You’ll never be more than 10 min. away from this very place but yet in the woods on hills or on quite challenging stairs. So apart from loads of information about Brasov’s history and culture, you’ll also get a healthy appetite at the end of the tour 🙂

That’s why Brasov has always been the place of competitive, focused people, be it sports, or business or politics. And you can see this throughout its history. From it’s early days as a Saxon free city until present days when we are seeing a swift economic rise among other Romanian cities.


3 hours tour

A 3 hour tour of Brasov’s main central sites

This is the ideal Welcome Tour. Appropriate if you just arrived in the city and would like to learn more about it and get oriented for future in-depth explorations.

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Your final price will be:  36 EURO

see over 30 landmarks

Walking Distance: 2.5 km

Heat warning

make sure you cover your head as the sun gets pretty intense in the summer in Romania. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you feel like.

optimal group size: 6 persons

(for larger groups give us a message and we’ll try to accommodate)

Make your own tour

We don’t call ourselves Interesting Times Bureau for nothing:

Write us in advance, tell us what your interests, likes and dislikes are and we’ll try to come up with a tour especially designed for you.

We’ll also make sure to include things a bit out of your comfort zone just to keep things, you know…interesting.

so go ahead: take the red pill

Prices: based on what is agreed.

Further details will be communicated in due time.