First Brasov tour was rocking and kicking it!

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We recently launched our invitation to discover Brasov, the outdoor capital of Romania, through a simply awesome walking tour. Just as all our certified tours pretty much are… Our first guided tour in the beautiful Brasov was a massive hit, so stay tuned as we keep feed you more interesting insights.

Brasov has to be one of our most captivating cities of Romania. No doubt about it. Being just 2 hours driving distance from Bucharest, and featuring amazing scenery and thrilling architecture, Brasov has always been a must-go place for both tourists and locals alike. And these are not just some fancy words, but totally capturing the liveliness contrasting the relaxed pace of this city. So from here to hosting some of our interesting tours through dynamic and unforgettable experiences was just a walking step.

You may know we’ve kicked off our guided tours in Brasov just recently. If you don’t know it yet, here is a summary of our Absolutely Brasov walking tour – .

We were incredible excited to have a super enthusiastic group of young Spanish and Romanian students being the first to have a taste of the tour. Not only that their student exchange experience has a lot to benefit from this super exciting trip, but the joy on their faces proved to us we are so on the right track!

Our cheerful tour guide Tavi went above and beyond to find the best stories to share. But what would a story be without the beautiful sights to support them? So we had our students embark in a memorable walking adventure of exploring the best sights of the modern medieval settlement known as Brasov. The fascinating hikes lead them to discover the old fortress walls, the fortified towers with breathtaking views, some street art works, and, of course, the jazzy historical city centre. As no walking tour through Brasov’s amazing sites is complete without a good walk down through the forest from Mt Tampa and the panoramic view over the city, we’ve included that too.

With all the epic hiking points, the amazing company and all the fun going, we really had an amazing tour and the kids got to love Brasov. What more can we ask for?

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