Breaking stereotypes: have a tour with a homeless person

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People who have not visited Bucharest may have the idea that it’s a grey and depressing capital, and while the communists blocks do exist, we are sure that our tours can show you a completely different, wondrous and beautiful side to the city.  People might also imagine stray dogs and lost orphans and an army of homeless people.  Again, while there is some truth in the stereotypes, the real story is a lot more complex and interesting.  

In fact, the subject of  an inclusive society is a sensitive one, especially for a post-communist country like Romania.  The state is corrupt and provides little help for the homeless or desperately poor.  We at Interesting Times Bureau believe it is important to enable all citizens to participate in the social, cultural and economic life of the city, regardless of their status or vulnerabilities.  

Therefore we have teamed up with the Parada Foundation,  to create the Outcast  Bucharest  Tour, a walking exploration of the ‘underworld city’. The guide himself is a story – fascinating, tragic, unique, and with a happy ending:  the tour is a step for him toward financial stability and social inclusion.  He knows the unseen places of Bucharest intimately, and will give an unusual and memorable take on the city, and who knows, maybe on life itself.

Our second story is that of Cafe Therapy, developed by the ALIAT Association.  This is a typical Bucharest cafe, except that all the employees are either persons with disabilities, Roma people, or  victims of domestic violence. It host regular events focused on different forms of therapy, psychotherapy, art therapy, occupational therapy a way to ensure the continuation of social programs. Cafe Therapy is also cozy place for a cup of coffee!

So why don’t you discover Bucharest through social participation?

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