Bucharest – Where to head for the best traditional food

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We believe no trip to Bucharest is complete without a rich, tasteful meal. Foodie or not, you will find the famous “sarmalute” with polenta and sour cream, or the nice and brown “mititei” to be simply mouth-watering and delightful for all your senses. Take our word for granted when we say that Romanians can be very passionate when it comes to their food.

See our top picks for the best places to take your meal or just a snack. And make sure you’re not missing our full-bodied wine, the robust thirst-quenching local beer or the killer “tuica/palinca” (only for the strong hearted ones).

Crama Domnească – 13-15 Şelari Street, Old City area

If the old fortress look will not impress you much, maybe the slow cooked food served in traditional clay pots will. All the dishes here are fit for a king. A hungry one. And as Romanians do have a thing for meat, here you can have it placed on an actual sword – very brave and knightish we may say…

Lacrimi şi Sfinţi – 16 Şepcari Street, Old City area

Judging by its name, there must be some saints in the kitchen to cook such a heavenly food. The most appreciated old recipes are given a contemporary, delicious twist. You will not only enjoy a meal, but a true culinary experience. The high standards and diversity of flavours makes it one of the most popular places to go for a bite. Ok, make it at least ten…

Caru’ cu Bere – 5 Stavropoleos Street, Old City area

This place looks like a trip back in the glamorous Little Paris days. But the stunning interiors are not the reason to make it to our list. The tasty authentic food and unique beer range place it on the must-check list.

Zexe – 80 Icoanei Street, Romana Square area

They call themselves culinary archaeologists. As they were digging through the most delicious traditional recipes and added a creative and unique touch to them. A bit more fancy, but so worthy in terms of taste and quality of ingredients. And amazing flavours on top of that. Yeah, your taste buds will do a happy dance.

Not in the mood for fancy schmancy restaurants? We have your back! Bucharest Home Cooked gives you the feel of a family dinner. Or at least, a dinner with friends. You still get to experience a lot of tasty traditional treats but this time, in a local home. You even get to help with making the food and get messy if that’s your thing!

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