Bucharest Christmas Joy

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‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ – such a cliche! you would think… and yet so very true. Bucharest has put on its festive clothes and it’s now ready to welcome the holiday season.

Whether it is time to be jolly or not, it’s really up to you to decide but first join us for a virtual tour through the City of Joy (translation for Bucharest) Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Christmas Carols

It’s cold outside, yet Christmas Carols are humming everywhere making spirits high. Some of the most loved Romanian Christmas songs, very popular this time of the year, which most probably you’ll end up listening quite often are: from ‘Up at Heaven’s Door’ by Stefan Hrusca along with  ‘Decorate the Christmas tree, mother’ by Fuego. For the cheerful fellows out there ready to rock & roll Christmas songs, know that you could literally dance your heart out at one of the extraordinary Christmas shows put on by the Romanian version of Elvis, the one and only, Stefan Banica Jr. His Christmas concerts, always get sold out very quickly as he happens to be a very much loved and appreciated performer, with a soft, romantic approach. No wonder that this year, the Banica’s Christmas concert production has reached its 18th edition with a record number of performances.

Christmas lights in the city

Stepping out in the street, the sparkly Christmas lights lead up and down the main boulevards and squares of the city. Should you be wondering what is the connection between Christmas lights and the football theme they seem to envisage? Allow us to enlighten you – Next year, Bucharest is going to host the matches for one of the UEFA Football Championship  group. Therefore the city hall has requested that this year’s Christmas lights theme would be about football, as a tribute to this notorious and very much exciting upcoming event. Romanians do happen to be quite keen on football.

Bucharest Christmas Market's specials

Once the mystery of Bucharest’s Christmas lights is solved, let’s set off to the real deal – Christmas Market. A 30 meters Christmas tree is to be seen as you will be approaching the Constitution Square just in front of the Parliament House. And then the fun begins: merry-go-round, ice skating rink, season decorations, traditional clothing items, toys and all sorts of hand-crafted items will be waiting for you at the fair along with over 130 stalls stuffed with traditional food, most of it, hardcore Christmas dishes from all over the country: sausages, black pudding, greaves, homemade pickles and many many other culinary surprises to go with mulled wine, boiled palinka or hot compot as you may prefer.

It truly is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and we would be delighted to share with you the magic of an authentic Romanian Christmas Feast, should you be joining our dedicated Christmas Market Tour.

Find Out More about the Bucharest Christmas Markets Pop Up Tour, here.

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