Bucharest Days 2016

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Bucharest did throw a huge birthday party these days. Romania’s capital was celebrating 557 years of historical evidence. The city turned into an outdoor stage for all sort of events. Concerts, exhibitions, plays, fairs, and parades – we had them all.

Constitutiei Square, Cismigiu and Herastrau parks became the hot spots in the city on September 16 -18.

Some of the most popular Romanian pop-rock artists and DJs performed on the stage in Constitutiei Square. The cool street theatre artists from Spain, Italy, and France really knew how to entertain the crowd. Therefore the Constitutiei Square and the nearby area was the place to be. Light, music and colour: bright butterflies, huge dolls, funny clowns, and dancers pull out an awesome show.

Unirii Boulevard was for a short time the Boulevard of Arts. This event was celebrating 260 years from the birth of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was.

The beautiful Herastrau Park hosted the Bucharest Stories event. It was all about great music, vintage costumes, carriage rides, plays for kids, handmade fairs and the so much appreciated “flower fight”. Foodies had their part of the show around the culinary area with some super tasty traditional Romanian dishes.

Cismigiu Park was all about entertaining the kids. This involved dancing, circus performances, magic acts and other creative activities for the little ones. Adults seem pretty happy too…

If you missed this weekend’s celebration, do not worry. On 24th September will take place the largest 3D video mapping event in Romania and one of the biggest 3D multimedia shows in the world.

The Palace of Parliament will become the stage for iMapp Bucharest, a vivid and much anticipated event. The best video artists in the world showcase their work in a dynamic show of sound, colour, light, and optical illusions. Róisín Murphy and the locals GOLAN & Orchestra will make the show even more electrifying. Yup, sounds exciting!


Top image – Fireworks on top of The Palace of Parliament, photo source: http://www.libertatea.ro

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