Bucharest Neighbourhoods – The Armenian Quarter

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The Armenians represented a numerous community inside Bucharest in the XVI century. They managed to develop an amazing culture. Their quarter was initially somehow outside Bucharest’s borders – because of the religious bias, and the whole Armenian existence was related to Calea Mosilor. That was the most important commercial street back in the days.

Now the Armenian Neighbourhood is an original part of Bucharest. What is to be seen here? The Armenian picture looks like this: Neo-Romanian architecture, best of the eclectic style of the late XIX century, amazing inter-war or more innovative buildings. Ivy-covered houses and grape wines are also part of this beautiful area.

Check what we see as top 5 ideas for interesting time spent in the Armenian Neighbourhood:

  1. Just stop and stare to the Armenian Church and Dudian Museum. The first Armenian Church was built in the 1581. Now you can visit the new, remarkable one built in 1915 on the same spot. The true way to see what truly is important to the Armenians.


  1. Take some time and visit the oldest house in Bucharest – Melik. It’s more than representative for the traditional Romanian architecture and hosts the Theodor Pallady Museum. Fine art collection and stunning interiors. It just sounds good, doesn’t it?


  1. Have a few yummylicious bites at Lente. The place where good food meets the feeling of intimacy. True bohemian spirit. Friendly vibe. Relaxed, great atmosphere. Kids, pets and open-minded people often find their second home here.


  1. Check the cool events Carol 53 A cultural spot like no other. Beautiful XIX century decayed house. Awesome vibe and even more awesome people. Contemporary art gallery, workshops, plays, vintage fairs. And many more we may add.


  1. Enjoy a good tea and good Armenian history at Metoc. The Metoc was originally a store belonging to a monastery. Now the place looks and feels like your grandparent’s place. You even get to taste some pretty tasty marmalade along with your tea.


Or simply, book one of our Hidden Gems tours on https://interestingtimes.ro/hidden-gems/. See you there!

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