Bucharest Neighbourhoods – The Jewish Quarter

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Once upon a time, Bucharest was home to a big, prosperous Jewish community. Almost 11% of Bucharest’s population was represented by Jews in the inter-war period. Those days are long gone now, as the Jews were greatly affected by the events of the World War II, migration to Israel and our communist regime.

The Jewish neighbourhood (which used to spread from Unirii Square towards the east part of Bucharest) was destroyed in the ’80, during Ceausescu’s Regime. Although only a few marks of the old Jewish district are still standing, we find their legacy and culture still vibrant and rich.

How to get the best out of the Jewish heritage? Here are our top picks!

Make a stop to The Great Polish Synagogue. It’s a major landmark for the Jewish community and features unique architectural details. Not to mention that is home to The Holocaust Museum so add a bit of history and cultural heritage to the list.

The Holy Union Temple is another emblematic building and it hosts The History Museum of the Romanian Jews. It’s here to tell its story and display a large collection of books and paintings.

If visiting museums it’s not your thing, maybe you’ll enjoy watching some great theatre plays. The Jewish State Theatre was one of the first professional Jewish theatres in the world and it still hosting amazing shows and productions today.

If seeing so many exquisite buildings boosted more than your appetite for culture, you can have some delicious bites, a glass of wine or a fancy cocktail at La Scena. They have like a different room set up for every mood, so everyone will fit in just fine.

The Choral Temple recently reopened after some restoration works. It’s charming and impressive look, inspired by Leopoldstädter Temple (Vienna), is strongly contrasting with the partially decayed surroundings. And yes, the inside is as impressive as the outside.

Just a few steps away from The Coral temple you can find the warm, bohemian SanThe Fitoceainarie. Here you can enjoy some original and delicious tea blends, have some snacks or a slice of their mouth-watering desserts.

If you would like to see all this and have an awesome storyteller on top of that, you can easily book our Jewish Heritage Tour!

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