Bucharest’s newest and trendiest bars

[mk_image src=”https://interestingtimes.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/linea-1.jpg” image_width=”736″ image_height=”0″ crop=”false” title=”Linea Closer to the Moon” desc=”Photo source: @LineaClosertothemoon” caption_location=”outside-image”][mk_image src=”https://interestingtimes.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/zaganu.jpg” image_height=”0″ title=”Zaganu – Craft Beer Bar” desc=”Photo source: Ziarul Financiar” caption_location=”outside-image”][mk_image src=”https://interestingtimes.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/artichoke.jpg” image_height=”0″ title=”Artichoke coffee shop” desc=”Photo source: @artichokecoffee” caption_location=”outside-image”][mk_image src=”https://interestingtimes.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/fix-me-a-drink.jpg” image_height=”0″ title=”Fix Me a Drink” desc=”Photo source: @fixmeadrink” caption_location=”outside-image”]

Bucharest boasts some legendary bars, stylish rooftop venues, and hipster coffee spots. For both tourists and locals alike, the great drinking places have to give the experiences you want to tell your friends about. Let us tip you off with the newest bars and cafes that quickly turned into favorite hubs among locals.

Linea Closer to the Moon, 17 Lipscani

Linea/ Closer to the Moon is a spacious rooftop bar where the summer gets packed with the most outgoing crowd, the food is a diet-stopper and the cocktails are epic. Everyone is crazy right now about their igloos, the coolest winter set-up you can have for a luscious dinner. With a view.

The Urbanist, 3 Caldarari

The Urbanist is like the ‘it’ place right now. And not only for hipsters. Can you imagine having a fine bar, a tattoo studio, barber shop and a denim shop all in one place? Well, that’s Urbanist. Plus, they are hosting DJ parties every weekend. So worth a stop!

The Craft Beer Bar, 91-93 Calea Victoriei

Zaganu Brewery is the first craft beer bar in Bucharest. The Craft Beer Bar is hugely popular now among beer aficionados and everybody loves them for their beer flight – yes, this means you can try several different beer varieties at one time. It is ‘the beer bar’ at the moment, and judging by the taste of their brews, their popularity shows no sign of fizzing out.

 Artichoke coffee shop, 45 Calea Victoriei

Artichoke is a new café located on the most the biggest and most beautiful avenues of Bucharest in terms of cultural and architectural offerings. Many locals come here with their laptops and work while savoring a good coffee in a super cool and creativity-stimulating place.

Beans and Dots/ Fix Me a Drink, 23-25 Ion Brezoianu

While Beans and Dots is a super relaxed café that provides the fine taste of the exclusive ‘The Barn’ coffee of Berlin, Fix Me a Drink is the hip bar where you head for a killer cocktail made out of the most unusual ingredients and some after-work socializing. Both can be found inside the lively creative hub, Universul Palace (there also contemporary dance festivals and theatre plays being showcased here – yup, the place is that cool).

Featured photo: The Urbanist – Photo source: @www.TheUrbanist.ro

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