Bucharest Surroundings Part II

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There are a lot of awesome getaway places just one hour or less driving distance from Bucharest, so we thought the second part of our  Bucharest Surroundings article will be welcome as well. If you’ve missed it, here’s the link https://interestingtimes.ro/bucharest-surroundings/.

Let’s start with Edenland Park Balotesti that is just 30 km away from Bucharest and a fun weekend destination. If you are looking for thrilling experiences with your friends and family or just planning to relax, Edenland is the place to be. Tree tracks, air soft, bike rentals, archery, horse riding, paintball, and painting workshops – everything you might think of, they got it. What we love most are the tree houses – an original sleeping place in the middle of nature. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this…

Balotesti offers another exceptional leisure space – Laguna Verde. They are well known for the beautiful landscapes and the bungalows placed by the lake. Water sports are their main thing, so this is one of the best places for fishing with your friends, kayak rides, or showing off your ski jet driving skills.

The best place for indoor swimming or extreme laziness has to be Therme. This is still to be found in the Balotesti area, and it is famous for being the largest recreation, wellness and entertainment centre in Europe. They did a great job in bringing the beauty of nature into a modern, breathtaking, and relaxing indoor setup. The thermal pools, themed saunas, and the multitude of palm trees truly make it an everyday exotic break.

Accacia Village is a one of a kind agro-touristic resort placed only 50 km away from Bucharest. Their offer for the most relaxing time spent here includes minigolf, spa, whirlpool, a great playground for kids, and lake bungalows. Nature lovers will find here a little piece of paradise – beautiful lake, exquisite gardens, blossoming orchards and an extensive park.

Club Insieme Grand Resort is located just 45 km from Bucharest, in Pitaru, the native village of Nicolae Grigorescu. They are tempting their guests with exceptionally fine landscapes, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, spa, horse riding, fishing, tennis court and multifunctional sports field. Looks like a dreamy city escape and they are committed to make your stay here truly unforgettable.


Featured image source: @thermebucuresti

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