Bucharest Surroundings

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Bucharest is a dynamic and exciting city to see, but this time we are going to write a bit about sights that can be found just a few kilometres away from the city. Bucharest’s surroundings are more about stunning nature and a different view on Romania. Less urban, more peaceful, fun, and even adventurous.

Snagov is a popular weekend destination for locals, just 40 km north of Bucharest. You can relax here by the beautiful Snagov Lake, wander around the forest, or have a look at its main attraction – Snagov monastery, believed to be the burial place of Vlad the Impaler. Siliștea Snagovului, a church built in 1664, is well worth a visit.

If you still have a few more hours, we recommend you to spend some time inside Snagov Club, placed within the Snagov Lake protected area. Besides enjoying the landscape and this great location, you can have your share of fun as well – kayak and bike rentals, nice pool, game lounge, boat riding, or even minigolf.

Comana is about 37 km away from Bucharest. If Comana Lake is famous for its numerous species of fish and birds, Comana monastery has its share of glory, being built on the same spot Vlad the Impaler built a monastery-fortress in 1461.

You’ll have to head to Casa Comana restaurant for a tasty and generous portion of traditional food, and push some of your limits inside the adventure park. If you’re not feeling adventurous, don’t worry – you can still rent bikes and have a better look at this place, rent some boats and enjoy the stillness of the lake or simply do some hiking.

Mogosoaia Palace is only 15 km away from Bucharest and an ideal place to spend the most relaxing time. The Palace itself (built in 1702 by Constantin Brancoveanu in the unique architectural style called the Romanian Renaissance/ Brancovenesc style), the marvellous royal gardens and the peaceful waters make this place so popular and beloved by locals. And it is by far the best place for picnics.

If history and culture is your thing, you will find yourself happy to visit the intriguing Brancoveanu Art Museum inside Mogosoaia Palace, or to get on top of the Gate Tower (also built in 1702) and have the best view over this amazing domain. On the other side, if you’re planning a bit more adventure and lots of adrenaline, we suggest you to check Zumbaala Wake Park for cable wakeboarding.

Buftea is located 20 km north-west of Bucharest. The main touristic attraction here has to be the lovely Buftea Park. Not a simple park that is. The Stirbey Domain is home to the beautiful Neoclassic Stirbey palace and a stunning Neo-Gothic chapel. They even have a water tower. Cool stuff, we know.

You can simply walk around the forest and admire the lake, the century-old trees, and the unusual bridge or even spot some swans. Black ones as well. You can have a bite at the restaurant inside the palace (a pretty royal treat we may say) or just sip a coffee on the beautiful terrace.

Cernica is another sea of greenery. Actually more like forest and lake. But quiet and nice enough. 15 km away from Bucharest and you’re like in a totally different set.

If visiting Cernica Monastery is out of your interest area, and so is fishing, we have some good news for you. Here you can find Phoenix Extreme Park, the best mix of nature, adrenaline and sports. You can throw the best picnics, barbeques, try the flying fox, do some tree climbing, or maybe some archery. Go, Robin!

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