Bucharest Travel Guide

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Bucharest deserves its place among top travel destinations in Europe. What makes Bucharest so great?  It has all to do with its captivating history, surprising & eclectic architecture, and welcoming spirit. That really sums up Romania’s capital city. Of course, there is so much more to discover, taste and feel, and that’s why our Bucharest Travel Guide was born – to help you get around Bucharest with ease.

Best time to visit

Romanians winters can be tough for travelers not used with freezing cold temperatures and snowdrifts, that’s why the best trips to Bucharest can be made from March until late October or so. Expect to have hot temperatures in the summer, so be sure to pack your sun hat, sunglasses, and some sunscreen. For hostel recommendation, you can head to https://interestingtimes.ro/hostel-recommendation-in-bucharest/.

Transportation tips

Bucharest is surprisingly easy to travel around. To make things even easier for the foreign guests, here there are the best ways to get in & around Bucharest.

The Bucharest airport (also called Otopeni or Henri Coanda) is located 16km outside the city. If you plan to use the public transit, you can easily head to the city center by taking the 783 express bus (travels 24/7). We consider this to be the best option if you’re not traveling with too much luggage – the bus is not that comfortable to travel with these. Where does it take you? Its first stop is at the arrivals area and it travels up to Unirii Square (Victory Square, Romana, and University Square are also popular stops).

If you want to skip this hassle, you can just take an authorized cab (metred) from the taxi station located at the exit of the arrivals terminal (the cost for a trip to the city center will be around 15 euros). Never get into a cab if the driver refuses to turn on the meter — you’ll likely end up paying way more than you bargained for. Uber or a booked in advance airport transfer (around 25 euros) are also excellent options.

Travel pass (card). To be able to use the express bus or any other public transportation while in Bucharest, you definitely need to purchase a travel card. If you do plan to take the 783 bus from the airport to the city center, the card can be purchased from the card desk located in front of the arrivals terminal. You can find more details on http://www.bucharestairports.ro/en/transport/bus. The magnetic card valid for two express charges costs 7 RON – less than 2 euros, but you’d better have some RON, our local currency for that. A trip in the city, with regular buses and trams, is about 1.3 RON – you card can be charged at any ticket desk found in the major bus stops.

We don’t recommend taking a cab once you arrived in the city center (the taxi drivers may refuse to take you if the journey it’s too short), but walk around the main city sights. You can also use the metro, bus or tram and travel like locals do.  Here are the best streets of Bucharest- https://interestingtimes.ro/4-best-streets-to-see-in-bucharest-2/.

Average cost of food

The food is super affordable here in Bucharest. You can have a real feast and savor a tasty meal in a nice restaurant for about 10-15 euros. Alcohol is cheap also, so you can enjoy the local beers and hearty wines without breaking the bank. Here you’ll find the best places to head for delicious traditional food – https://interestingtimes.ro/bucharest-best-traditional-food/.

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