Urban Garden Party

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The hot summer days of Bucharest can be spent in so many interesting ways. You can hang in the chilly summer terraces, join a cool rooftop party, or even book a super fun walking tour of Bucharest – the best are to be found on https://interestingtimes.ro/bucharest-tours/  :P.

Once in a while (mostly every weekend or so), a different kind of event takes place in our vibrant city, and we consider these events to add a pop of colour and a fresh tone to the already sparkling scene of Bucharest.

The Urban Garden Party is about to take place soon – Friday, July 28 – and is the type of event mainly addressing to those fancying a typical garden party. Except there is nothing typical about the party being hosted by Noblesse Palace.

The coolest and most creative artists will be there. The main criteria for choosing them was the diversity in the talent showcased. So, for sure, nobody will leave the event not being satisfied.

Innovative pieces of art will get to be displayed, each found under its own category: Sculpture, Live Drawing, Product Design & Amazing Art We Haven’t Thought Of. The last one for sure sounds inviting.

They do tempt us with open-air movies, live music, and engaging games to the party that basically celebrates design in all its forms and glory. The frappe bar, delicious street food and fizzy drinks doesn’t sound bad at all. All that completed and perfected by the disco/boogie selection made by TCFC (that couch funk collective). They are famous for getting the party animal out of anyone, so be aware – things might get pretty wild!

Free Admission, so you’d better save the date for July 28! More details can be found on the official event page  https://www.facebook.com/events/645936368935197/?active_tab=about.

Featured image source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/www.palatulnoblesse.ro.

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