4 Hour Walk Discovering the City Center of Bucharest & Romanian Wine Tasting

Tour Snapshot

The Made in Tour is a unique experience you will remember for the rest of your life as it will probably get you the most original local souvenirs you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. On the way in between shops you will discover interesting insights about the local culture and taste some local snacks.


  • Get an introduction to Bucharest and it’s shopping scene with a local guide leading the way
  • Discover Bucharest’s most original shops, including Mesteshukar, a local initiative that promotes arts and crafts of the Rroma community
  • Hear stories about how shopping changed during the communist regime and learn about the transition to capitalism
  • Try on fashion items designed locally and enter inside hidden shops with unique products
  • Discover authentic Romanian blouses, similar to the ones worn by celebrities


Booking and pricing


Language: English

starting time: 10:30

duration: 4 hours

Meeting Place: University Square by the Equestrian statue

Culture shock: Low

minimum group size: 1 person

maximum group size: 12 persons

Full itinerary

The “Made in Bucharest” shopping tour will take you to hidden parts of the central area,where the hippest & youngest designers and manufacturers have started to open beautiful small authentic boutiques. You will start with a local snack, a traditional chocolate bar with an interesting re-branding story, which is very representative for the changes that happened in the country during the transition from communism to capitalism.

We will discover a couple of cool local brands very soon. One of them is the first shop ever opened by the most famous local bookshop. The story of this brand is a lovely success-story connected some classical 19th century buildings inside the city center.

Coming up next, some local crafts shops will inspire you with their authentic handmade products: discover the most popular arts and crafts and understand how they influenced the life of the simple people living outside the big cities. One of them is particularly interesting since it is operating as a social enterprise supporting the Rroma community.

We’ll continue the stroll through some nice hidden streets where we will discover surviving parts of the city center hidden behind communist blocks. Here you will understand the philosophy of recycling inside of a second-hand vintage shop and talk about sustainable shopping. On the way to the former Lafayette Gallery of Bucharest we will grab a coffee and a snack inside of a hip venue with artisanal goodies.

Next we will visit a flea market and the coolest bookstore in town, which is located inside of the former building of a bank. On our way to the last location we will grab a freshly made local pastry.

The tour will end back in the old town, at Urbanist, a mixture in between a bar and a shop. This is the last shopping opportunity that gives you access to exclusive products done by a local rapper by a famous ethnic designer, that incorporates traditional motifs into modern items.

Private Tour Option

Use this option if you would like to take this tour as a private tour for whatever reason:

  • Privacy
  • Changes in itinerary
  • Using a car/minibus instead of walking
  • Other

Please write us at info@nullbucharesturbanadventures.com

Prices: based on what is agreed.

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