Capturing the city – Instameets in Bucharest

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The following article was syndicated from Citinerary for Interesting Times Bureau. Published by Alexa.

Likeminded friends

Instagram is one of the few digital services that are taking things outside. Offline. It encourages its users to meet and connect in person, and the great thing is – they do meet. This kind of interaction seems natural and safe; the whole sense of openness probably relating to the fact that every day, by sharing the pictures we take, we’re sharing bits of ourselves in one of the most authentic ways: photography. It’s almost instinctive to treat the people in the community as friends when we finally meet them in person.

A thriving Bucharest community

And so, during the past year and a half, the Instagram community in Bucharest has grown immensely. From a few people meeting in a museum to almost 100 in the National Theatre.

Meeting people that share (apparently) nothing other than a common visual artistic preference can be surprising – Instameets have been the outset for new friendships or business collaborations.

Exploring the city

Instameets are an excellent opportunity of discovering hidden gems around the city – the meeting places are usually chosen so that they offer unique photography sceneries. We’ve met in one of the oldest hotels in town, in an airport hangar, on the rooftop of Romania’s Parliament building, in art galleries or in secret mall hallways.

But other than discovering new facets to places we’ve already known as locals, discovering Bucharest-based, inspiring accounts is always part of the ‘deal’. Here are 3 accounts I’ve recently discovered that are definitely worth following:

@ccludina – sharing minimalistic shots of her daily city life

@andreeacristianamitran – celebrating the charm in little details.

@mihaiserban_ – always up-to-date with the coolest places around the city.

For info on the next scheduled Instameet in Bucharest, follow@igersbucharest on Instagram.

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