Celebrating our 500 reviews on TripAdvisor

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Good news require a proper celebration! Our entire team is celebrating the 500 reviews milestone on our Bucharest Urban Adventures TripAdvisor account and we just want to share our happiness with all of you.

We have to admit we get pretty enthusiastic about every single review we receive. We highly appreciate the feedback we get from our guests, so a big THANK YOU goes to all of our amazing guests for making time to review the tour experience. ‘Cause that’s what we provide – the best local experience when it comes to historical places, alternative sights and the nicest bars and cafes there are in town. It’s a great way for our future guests to have a clue on what is really going on and that they should expect nothing but the best tour guides showing you the most beautiful sights of our beloved Bucharest while providing the BEST.DAY.EVER. Or how we like to say, keep things interesting, while being fun and responsible.

Our wholehearted passion is what makes every tour so unique, and we are happy to know that so many of you are enjoying it as much as we do. Nothing would have been possible without the great input of our tour guides aka local experts, so a big shout out goes to our amazing team of tour guides for their commitment and for doing such a great job, every single time.

We are incredibly grateful to be awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, so here there are some of the reviews we received over the past years. From the team, again, a very big thank you!

 ‘’Finally, a tour with a difference! Quirky, cool and destined for greatness.The guys at Interesting Times just get it. They understand that the modern day tourist doesn’t just want to tick a city’s main sights off a guidebook hot-list, what people are really craving nowadays is to get under the skin of a city and discover it’s hidden gems away from the beaten track. That’s exactly what Interesting Times delivers and more. The guides are knowledgeable, educated and passionate about their city. They’re also incredibly warm and friendly and will show you the bars, cafes and restaurants that have (fortunately) slipped under the tourist radar. It feels like you’re being led around Bucharest by a good friend who’s lived in the area for years and knows about all the hidden gems! Don’t expect a bog-standard tour of the city, their tours are unique, quirky and absolutely fascinating from street art and urban workshops to alternative communist tours and meet-ups with Bucharest’s locals including artists and designers.’’

‘’Hidden Gems Tour – Exceptional. This was a different type of city tour. Roxana led us through different corners of the city that we might not have discovered alone. Different types of buildings and interesting information on the area’s history were on the list. Roxana was able to answer all kinds of additional questions we had. We learned a lot about the history of Bucharest, religion, culture. We also stopped in a café we would never have discovered alone – and planned to come back there the next day. It was wonderful! Thank you so much. Next time, we’ll book one of the other tours which also sound very interesting.’’

‘’Unforgettable. You will be telling stories from your tour for days. Unlike anything you’ve every done. Carefully researched, incredibly interesting, like an esoteric thriller – BUT ALL TRUE.’’

‘’Amazing details during the Communism Tour.I went with a mate on the Communist tour and was honestly quite impressed! Real hands-on approach as to the history of the places we’ve visited, with lots of juicy details and interesting sights to see! Would definitely recommend for both foreigners and locals interested in the history of the country, especially during the Communist years and the Revolution itself!’’

‘’We spent a fantastic afternoon with Mircea on the Bohemian tour of Bucharest. Mircea was a wonderful guide and even managed to keep our nine and 11-year-old sons relatively interested. Taking a tour is the perfect way to learn a lot about a place in a short amount of time, including local foods and local sights, things that we would never have been able to figure out in the time we had available. I would highly recommend this to anyone.’’

‘’On a freezing cold January day we met Emma, our guide (and friend for the day) for this emersive and fascinating glimpse into parts of Bucharest that we never otherwise would have seen. Although we live in the city, and Emma tailored the tour to take that into account, we haven’t really scratched the surface yet so this tour was amazing. Emma has a huge enthusiasm for all things Romanian is is very, very knowledgable, and almost more importantly on a full day tour, is extremely friendly and engaging. An added bonus was a detailed follow up email from her full of tips and links.I couldn’t recommend this tour more highly.’’

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