Classified – the best kept secret in performance art

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Interesting Times Bureau is always showing support for the talented artists. This is why we found a way to make Classified happen. What is Classified about? It is a one-to-one artistic performance that will make you break out from the usual daily routine. One that will leave you speechless, and delighted. And wanting more.

In its first episode, We Live in the Times of Once And For All, Lala Misosniky gives life to the home she grew up in, exploring her family history in the most artistic way. The house on Armoniei Str. gets personified by the human body.

The second episode, Classified, is more like an intimate remembering act of the atmosphere and vibes of their home. With the help of Virginia Lupu, the mastermind behind the visual installation, the brilliant Lala Misosniky is exploring her family history imprinted on the house. From endocrinology researches to immortality, the unusual performance embarks the viewer in a memorable artistic journey.

Galeria Posibila (6 Popa Petre Str.) is hosting Classified from June 9 till June 18. Admission is free, but you will need to make a prior booking to 0743730413 or [email protected].

More details on the event page –

Featured photo source:ă

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