Communist pack – 2 cities in one tour

Romania’s communist past revealed in our : 2 cities in 1 tour Communist Pack

Communist sites & stories of Bucharest & Brasov revealed

Communist Tour of Bucharest- click image for details

Communist Tour of Bucharest- click image for details

what is it

  • Most travelers through Romania will certainly visit both Bucharest & Brasov.
  • Because you love our tours in Bucharest we decided to start them also in Brasov.
  • We developed great MUST DO tours with the same theme in both cities- call it Covering the basics if you will 🙂
  • Now you can take them both at a great price: 20% off for the pack

Communist History of Brasov - click image for details

Communist History of Brasov - click image for details

how it works

  • Click book now
  • select date & method of payment
  • !!! Write in the comments which tour you would like to take first (we will send you the meeting point based on this information)
  • you have 12 months to redeem the other tour with the discounted price
  • The pack does not include any transportation between the 2 cities but we strongly recommend that you take the train. Check timetables here: Public Train Company – CFR, Private Train Companie:  Regio Trans, Softrans

Communist Tour Bucharest – highlights

This is a tour by car. You will see:

  • the Communist Party headquarters
  • Division Five (the most feared division of the secret service) building
  • Bullets for Freedom- administrative buildings that still bear the mark of 1989 violence
  • Unique access into Casa Poporului- we will go on part of it’s roof for a birds-eye-view of Bucharest.
  • New Civic center project, inspired by Ceausescu’s visit to North Kores
  • Some of the “bedroom quarters” and see one of famous Hunger Circles.
  • And finally see Ceausescu’s house and visit the neighborhood where all the political elite lived in the “Golden Era” (and still do!)

Communist History Tour Brasov – highlights

  • Explore 3 different districts
  • Travel in time across 50 years of Communism: worker’s neighborhoods, a daily farmers market and former massive tractor factory.
  • Find out why Brasov was so important for the communists that It got officially renamed “Stalin”. No joke.
  • Learn the heartbreaking story of the first anti-communist movement of 1987, two years before the Revolution.
  • Enjoy Romania’s best street food, the famous Mici, served next to a cold beer in an authentic communist restaurant.


3 hours tour x 2

A 3 hour tour of Bucharest & a 3 hour tour of Brasov.

Both tours dive deep into the communist past of these 2 Romanian cities.

This is the ideal Pack for those of you who are looking for untold stories of Romania.


See over 60 landmarks : Bucharest & Brasov

Walking Distance: 2.5 km per city

Heat warning

make sure you cover your head as the sun gets pretty intense in the summer in Romania. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you feel like.

Make your own tour

We don’t call ourselves Interesting Times Bureau for nothing:

Write us in advance, tell us what your interests, likes and dislikes are and we’ll try to come up with a tour especially designed for you.

We’ll also make sure to include things a bit out of your comfort zone just to keep things, you know…interesting.

so go ahead: take the red pill

Prices: based on what is agreed.

Further details will be communicated in due time.