Cozy tea houses to hide from the coldness

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Winter is coming, and we can feel it all. Bucharest has some good weapons against it, as cold weather is not every local’s favourite. We thought that as a new guest in our capital, would be nice to present you some hiding places around a warm cup of tea. So let’s see, who we’ll meet there:

Camera din Fata – located on Mendeleev Street, no 22, this vintage, tiny or cozy place seems to have room for many adjective to describe it. A tea house designed after your grandma’s traditional style, would recall you some childhood memories. Not to mention the massive variety of teas that would probably make your choice harder.

Bohemia Tea House – the name quickly suggests what kind of feelings you can experience there. A special arrangement of the chairs and tables, not higher than the ground, would transport you in Wonderland’s World. Either if you plan a gathering with your friends or a romantic date, there is not another place more suitable. (Poiana Narciselor Street, no 1)

Ceainaria Infinitea – right in the heart of Cotroceni neighborhood (Doctor Grigore Romniceanu Street, no 7), where is housed our President’s Residence, the location is in the same time historical and royal. Old houses that reminds of the Bucharest’s greatness time, invite you to just stroll around on these streets. This should be done before diving into a state of complete intimacy and relaxation that the tea-house offers.

Serendipity – we hope you won’t get lost searching for this place, or get distracted by the lovely architecture of the houses from Dumbrava Rosie Street. The latter is in fact our favourite. Once you get inside the small alley on no 12, you will feel how modern life can be perfectly combined with a restful venue. Huge variety of quality leaf tea will be served to you the way it should be.

Featured image source: @ceainaria.infinitea

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Image sources: Facebook: Serendipity, Infinitea, Bohemia Tea House, Camera din Fata