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Rîmaru – Bucharest’s own Jack the Ripper

An unknown individual would use a hammer, a small ax, an iron bar or a knife to attack restaurant waitresses who were alone and returning from work. He struck after midnight during unusual weather conditions such as snowstorms, driving rain, high winds, freezing cold or fog. It was a Romanian serial killer dubbed “The Vampire of Bucharest”.

He terrorized Bucharest between 1970-1971.

Bucharest – City of vice

A journey into the dark stories of this city would not be complete without the history of vice.

In 1927, around 12.000 prostitutes and escorts were practicing the oldest profession in the world all across Romania. Of course, Bucharest was the hot spot.

Hear the stories and legends of Miţa Biciclista (Mitza the Biker), Zaraza, the famous gypsy singer that stole the hearts of many men and many more.

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Bucharest has a very dark past.

It’s time you found out about it!


Not suitable for children!

We’ll explore the depths reached by human beings in hurting one another. But although there will be blood, terribly crushed love stories and even a pinch of supernatural, that’s not the point actually. Cheap thrills are best left to Hollywood professionals.

What we’re more interested in is to give you a bit of context, a broader sense of events unfolding through history in these lands that we now call Romania.

  • medieval/modern torture methods
  • communist genocide
  • The Romanian Holocaust
  • Ion Rîmaru – Bucharest’s very own Jack the Ripper
  • vice and debauchery in Little Paris
  • visit the Bellu Cemetery, our local Père-Lachaise

Tour details


5.5km / 3.4miles


lunch can be arranged too


Make sure you cover your head as the sun gets pretty intense this time of year in Romania. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you feel like.


10 person is optimal
For larger give us a message and we’ll try to accommodate

The prices include one refreshment and one street food snack, the subway fair and, of course, the guide. However they DO NOT include food and drinks purchased at bars/cafes, so please bring some extra cash. How much you spend on refreshments is entirely up to you!

  • per person
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