Eat like a local in Bucharest | Best Desserts

Papanasi @La Mama, 1 Bacani, Old City Center
Papanasi @La Mama, 1 Bacani, Old City CenterPhoto source:
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Mara Mura, 5 Benjamin FranklinPhoto source: FB @MaraMuraBakery
Emilia Cremeria, 42 Franceza, Old City Center
Emilia Cremeria, 42 Franceza, Old City CenterPhoto source: FB @EmiliaCremeriaRomania

Romanians are famous for their hearty traditional dishes, for their savoury wines and full-bodied local brandy (tuica or palinca). The street-food scene is also starting to gain popularity among locals and tourists alike and is best represented by ‘covrigi’ (pretzels), puff pastry or the sinful ‘mici’ (uncased sausages typically served with fresh bread, mustard and beer). Don’t believe that with so many temptations around we forget about desserts. No way, Jose! In Bucharest, there are many hyped-up sugary hot spots that will take you straight to the city’s sweet-tooth scene. And we have tried every single one of them…

Eclairs @French Revolution

All they have is French eclairs (with the coolest filling and icing), but oh my, those eclairs taste just like heaven. You can ask every single local in town to recommend you his favourite dessert and you can bet all will say the same – French Revolution eclairs. The only problem? You might want to order everything.

Papanasi @La Mama/ Caru’ cu bere/La Calinescu

Imagine a cottage cheese based dough. Now, add some sour cream, and plenty of fruit jam to make it infinitely more tasty, gooey, and rich. Now you don’t have to wonder why ‘papanasi’ is one of the most popular desserts in Romania. Bucharestians may be very picky when it comes to the ‘best papanasi in town’, and that’s exactly why we gave you several places to try them out. You can thank us later…

Cakes @Mara Mura

Mara Mura is the kind of place where you take a long look at the menu, stare at the window and still cannot decide which one of their jaw-dropping, happiness-inducing desserts you should pick. Our recommendation: try at least a few of them. And then you can throw away your scale with a big smile on your face…

Ice cream @Emilia Cremeria

If you’re looking for a decadent, creamy and intensely delicious ice-cream, then Emilia will soon become your best friends. One that will not judge if you decide to try several flavours at once. It will linger in thoughts for days. Ice-cream not your thing? Try one of their other standouts, like the show-stopping jar desserts.

Featured photo source: FB, 1 Constantin Esarcu (Romanian Athenaeum)