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Experience Bucharest 2017 was the largest (and probably the best) project promoting Bucharest that has ever been done. Interesting Times Bureau and Bucharest Urban Adventures fully supported this brave initiative as we do believe in Bucharest’s amazing tourism potential.

To support the idea that Bucharest should make it on top destinations in Europe and a preferred destination for worldwide travelers, the super dedicated team of #ExperienceBucharest invited 100 top bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, snapchatters and travel influencers around the world to experience Bucharest and connect with 100 Romanians content creators.

To better discover the richness and vibrancy of the authentic Bucharest, our lovely guests had the most interesting experiences. From visiting one of the coolest museums in the world (Museum of Romanian Records), to culinary workshops, rooftop parties, moto rides, or the adrenaline shots of Academia Titi Aur – ATA, the Facebook and Instagram accounts suddenly had a feel of the #experiencebucharest.

Many of the world’s most famous travelers embarked on the historical, architectural, and culinary adventure through the many faces (and tastes) of Bucharest on the Bohemian tour. Others decided to explore the old abandoned historical buildings and the underground art culture of Bucharest through the Beautiful Decay Tour, or just learn more about our city’s dark, dark past on the adventurous Darkside journey. The discovery of Bucharest’s main sites through the eyes of a formerly homeless local was a once in a lifetime experience everyone fully enjoyed. We even designed a special tour just to unveil and highlight the beauty of Mogosoaia domain. Rumors has it that it was the best day ever.

We had lots of fun along the 5 days event and for sure our guests did too, as we received just the best reviews of our most popular tours. It’s easy for us to brag, but you don’t have to take our word for granted. See for yourself what a trip to Bucharest and ITB tours are all about! 😉

“Graveyards are supposed to be creepy, right? Not in Romania. I’ve yet to get to the Merry Cemetery in the north, but Bellu Cemetery in the southern part of Bucharest holds plenty of unique and captivating tombstones, crypts, crosses and other memorabilia to keep you occupied for hours. I booked my Bellu Cemetery Darkside Tour with Interesting Times Bureau, a partner of Urban Adventures. I hear that you can’t take photos at the cemetery without prior approval (and there are guards all over the place), so I’d highly recommend going with Interesting Times. There are plenty of attractions to see in Bucharest, but this one should be at the top of your bucket list. Make sure to book with Urban Adventures, and hopefully you’ll get the same guide I had. Anita was wonderful and provided lots of information you can’t even find online. Don’t forget a good pair of shoes. You might have to tread carefully too.” Special thanks and the full article on http://skyetravels.com/Bellu-Cemetery

“I’m so glad that I signed up for a few non-food related tours on this trip. This tour, called the Outcast Tour was one of the most interesting I’ve ever done. The tour is led by a formerly homeless man and his life story is incredible. I really encourage anyone visiting the city to take this tour. I won’t give all the details away but he discusses his journey from literally living in the sewers as a child, battling drug addiction, and how he overcame it and is now mentoring others in his same situation. This has been a highlight of my #experienceBucharest visit.” – with @foodieflashpacker

“When I was a teenager I went through a phase where me and my friends found our way in to abandoned buildings. We didn’t damage or take anything, just explored. So today 14 year old me was in her element on a tour around Bucharest’s most beautiful, but sadly decaying, buildings with Urban Adventures. The best part is that money from the tours goes towards restoring or reinventing these spaces!” – with @whileimyoungandskinny

“Beautiful Decay Tour -This tour is pretty amazing because it allows you to explore some of Bucharest’s abandoned places…legally. That’s right, get ready to head into some pretty cool, old places that are falling into disrepair due to the city’s communist past, legal issues, or such. You’ll start to understand the city’s history, see incredible artwork, and take part in some urban exploration. The photo opportunities are top and I really loved this tour because it’s always fun to explore old, abandoned places.” – read more on http://www.mynormalgaylife.com/experience-bucharest-4-tours-try/

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