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No doubt Romania has a huge touristic potential. This is the main reason Experience Romania aims to make our beautiful country a top travel destination. How do they plan to make this happen? First, with a conference about the future of tourism in Romania (you can register on http://experienceromania.eu/conference/). Over 100 guests – bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, travel journalists, and famous passionate travelers – will debate the best strategies that will reshape Romania into the most desired East European destination.

How did it all start? Well, Experience Romania comes as a natural next step to the massive success of Experience Bucharest #1 (you can read more here). Experience Bucharest #2 (http://experience-bucharest.com/program/ ) is taking place as you read this and Experience Romania follows shortly. While the ‘massive success’ may sound strange, the numbers are truly staggering. The successful outcome of Experience Bucharest (the best ever project that promoted Bucharest tourism in Social Media) can be measured in more than 50.000.000 people reached around the globe, but its real successfulness stays in the unforgettable experiences lived by the 100 international social media influencers within the 40 dedicated Bucharest Tours.

We think of Romania as a very complex, rich in amazing sights, and gorgeous destination. Its diversity makes a perfect match for every kind of traveler, so it was about time for the online and offline international communities to find out about the wonders of Romania and get tips to explore them. That’s exactly what Experience Romania is doing. This awesome project lets the whole world know about us through the magnificent and fascinating experiences of the 50 social media influencers from around the world.

Their 2 weeks trip around Romania (23rd of October – 5th of November) can be best described as a new adventure of exploring the surreal landscapes, well-preserved traditions, rich history and timeless culture. The journey starts in Bucharest, followed by Sărata-Monteoru and the Muddy Volcanoes, Roman, Piatra  Neamț, Gura Humorului, Sibiu, and Brașov.

As the guests will have the chance to experience the most beautiful and representative tourist landmarks of Romania, we will bring the fun factor into the game with our most popular tour of Brasov, the outdoor capital of Romania.

If you plan to find out more about Experience Romania you can head to http://experienceromania.eu/about-experience-romania/ and we surely recommend you to keep an eye on the Social Media channels as they will be on fire shortly.

Featured image source: https://www.facebook.com/ExpRomania

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