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Bucharest today is a booming and a fast expanding metropolis. Everything looks modern with legions of western car brands clogging on the busy boulevards, smart phones and high tech gadgets taking over our lives…When it comes to fashion and design, expect nothing but the top notch. Capitalism is therefore in full swing and globalization has a glitzy outpost here.

Yet thirty years ago, this city was a place of doom and gloom: Romania was a Communist state, and Bucharest, it’s capital, was a very dark place (and we don’t mean that just in a metaphorical way). For 45 years Romania was shaded by the Iron Curtain.Going from being a strong contender among the elitist and most elegant European Capitals to a place where nationalization, communist prisons, dictatorship, mass demolish of old buildings and churches, magalomaniac leaders or rationalization for food, freedom and basic necessities became the norm.

If you want to find out more about the life under the communist regime, and how the politics of a megalomaniac leader changed the face of history in our country along with details and facts about the bloodiest revolution behind the Iron Curtain, and what part did Romania play during the Cold War, join us to this amazing online event.

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  • *personal stories of people who lived during those times
    *great photographs and a few surprises that will bring back to life various aspects of communist society
    *the ups and downs of communism: its greatest achievements along its darkest hours

COST: 10 euro

Language: English

Date: As agreed with guest

Starting at 18:30

Length : 1.5 - 2 hours

Minimum no of participants: 4

Max no of participants: 20

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