Explore Bucharest like a spy: turn of the century to Communist times

Romania was always a hotbed for international spies. Because of its geo strategical position great powers always sent spies around these places to…. well, spy on each other: Vatican spying on the Ottoman Empire in the Middle Ages, the French spying on the Russians during the 19th century, and after Romania became the first and the largest European oil producer everyone started to have an interest. WWII came and went and the Cold War brought the most intense and brutal resurgence of spy craft: spying on its own people.

Have you ever imagined yourself as James Bond? If the answer is yes, then we have created the ultimate challenge – special edition of the Spy Tour, for you and your friends.

Be prepared to meet spies, decipher secret codes, discover secret documents and delve into some of the best conspiracy true stories that took place in Bucharest, served by a host with a keen eye for juicy details and passionate about conspiracy.

Your guide through this one of a kind experience will be Urse Tudor – our passionate colleague, with an obsession for research, connecting the dots and finding out the history behind the history. So book your spot below.

We wish we could give you more details but if we do so, this message would self destruct in 3….2….1….

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Event Details

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  • espionage from WWI, interwar period, WWII, and communist era
  • espionage methods
  • famous Romanian spies you didn’t know you knew about
  • unknown stories
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