FANNYLAURE – when Art meets the beauty of Romania

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We are always passionate about art in every kind of form. From street art, to cool bar design or inventive and original dishes, we love to show our support for the talented artists out there and bring into the spotlight people who are trying to make a difference.

This is exactly why we want you to meet Fanny-Laure Lepez and her super cool project named FANNYLAURE. All her exquisite masterpieces can be found on and we suggest to be prepared for some serious shopping.

Who is she? A gifted artist passionate about Art and History of Art since early childhood who developed a huge respect for tradition heritage as well as a contemporary art scene. After 10 years in marketing and communication in an international company, Fanny-Laure decided to become a cabinetmaker, to work with her hands and express her creative fiber. So she went back to school for 3 years in the famous Belgium Wood Institute called Saint-Luc à Tournai.

After a lot of studies and hard work, the brand fannylaure was born in 2013. It took no longer than 1 year for her to gain recognition and to be praised for her work, as in 2014 she became a member of Hermès corporate foundation and elected best French designer of Belgium in 2015. Well, when good things happen, they happen quickly, especially when you get to be so talented.

The philosophy behind her brand is that of reconciling both technician and creator in favor of the object. In France and in Belgium the fannylaure production was divided between exclusives or unique pieces and pieces produced in limited editions for individuals.

With all these having been said, you may wonder what is Fanny-Laure’s connection with Romania. Well, her husband works in Romania for 6 years now, and she and the kids moved here in 2016. She left her little workshop in Belgium to work in a big factory, Meris Wood Industry, but continue to create exclusive furniture. She loves to be involved in cultural projects, and she is extremely proud of her partnership with the French Institute for whom she created and manufactured some stunning modular tables.

What we love most about her and her family is their lust to discover this beautiful country of ours. They are fascinated by Cluj, the city they live in, and happy to live in such a place that is full of energy, beauty, and events. They also find the countryside around to be just amazing, and there is not a weekend passing by without them visiting a church, a village, a museum, exploring Maramures, climbing in the Apuseni, walking in the Saxon Villages around.  Yes, we do envy them.

We have to say that we were impressed by her story, her ultra-creative works, and admire her a lot for finding inspiration and use the beautiful Romanian scenery to create a sort of “pictures bank” to re-use in her magical creations. Her goal and dream are to work with Romanian’s craft makers and Romanian’s traditions and turn her work into a mix of cultures and visions, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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