Giants of Pantelimon – community street art event

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Giants of Pantelimon is the first community street art event in Romania and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The amazing people of Make a Point are working hard to make this international art and life project a one of a kind event for the street art lovers out there. Super talented artists will bring the neighborhood stories to life, and we’ll have plenty of street art, graffiti, community art, good music and interesting workshops.

The main purpose of this event is to encourage the urban development by putting the Pantelimon quarter on the urban scene map. Judging by the big names that confirmed their presence, it will be for sure a massive success. One that will bring the city, the locals, and the artists together. The fascinating stories of locals and the neighborhood’s unique character will become “street art on the roofs”.

If you’re still undecided, maybe knowing that the big legends of street art like Moose (UK), the artist who invented reverse graffiti, will be there. Ella & Pitr (France) are best known for the biggest mural in the world („Lilith and Olaf”, Norway, 2015), and worldwide famous for the gigantic surfaces they choose to work on. Victor Ash (Denmark), the mastermind behind the biggest stencil in the world („The Cosmonaut”, Berlin) will delight us with his full of contrast works of art. Biancoshock (Italy) will be thrilling us with another of his famous ephemeral installations, and Martha Cooper (USA), the author of the ‘graffiti Bible’ and a street art photojournalism legend will be there to capture it all.

Besides the impressive line-up of internationally known artists, the ‘Giants of Pantelimon’ Days is about the local stories transposed on the former industrial halls by the talented artists that competed to be part of this project. Tom (Sorina Tomuletiu), Robert OBERT, Nomado, Nada Krstajic, and Cristiana Comanici are the ones responsible for turning the intriguing stories about life under communism and transition to democracy into creative street art masterpieces.

So, if street art is your thing, will see you all @ Make a Point on October 13-15. More details on and

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