Have you packed your bags for Barcelona?

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We can’t say much about Barcelona. We’re just kidding. The stories behind one of the most exciting cities in the world can go on and on…

Everyone must have seen the stunning captions of the Gaudi artwork, the oh so tempting beaches or the lively night atmosphere. So there is no need to get more into that. What you should get more into are the truly unforgettable experiences you can have.

That’s when our friends from Urban Adventures step in. The local tour guides will take you through the most interesting and awesome experiences you can tick while visiting this dynamic, varied, and vibrant city.

Like the “Snapshots of Barcelona” tour who can turn basically anyone into an almost professional photographer. Get snap-happy and start bragging on Instagram.

Power eaters will find their way in with “Barcelona Tapas Tour – en el barrio”. Ming between locals and share their passion for eating. This is only for the true foodies…as the Spaniards know a few things about eating and drinking.

As Interesting Times Bureau is the proud operator of Urban Adventures International, this means you get discounted prices! These exciting tours go from 52 to 77 €/ per person, but you can use the UABUC promo code for 10% discount.

Book them now on http://www.urbanadventures.com/destination/Barcelona-tours

For more cool destinations, unique guided tours and special discounts you can get, visit the Urban Adventures International dedicated page:


Featured image source: Urban Adventures

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Barcelona Day Tours, with a local. Photo source: http://www.urbanadventures.com/