How a perfect day in Bucharest should look like

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We like to think that we know Bucharest a bit. A bit more actually. We explore every corner of this city all day long so we are the best when it comes to make a connoisseur list for what we’d like to call a perfect day in our lovely Bucharest. Check our one day plan and discover the finest parts of Bucharest – the must-do, must-see, must-taste.

The best way to start your morning is having a coffee at M60 Cafe. Both coffee lovers and foodies seeking for genuine tastes are more than welcome in this hip Scandinavian style cafe.

After you get enough energy for the road, a walk to “Dimitrie Gusti” Village Museum will give you a true taste of Romanian culture. This iconic museum features representative houses from every part of the country and you can also wander around one of the most beautiful parks while there – Herastrau Park.

A short stop to Ceausescu private residence is mandatory. Primaverii Palace is a spectacular place to be seen and you get to find a lot of spicy details that you will not find in the history books.

To get a better taste of the city, you should visit a real Romanian market. We consider Obor Market one of the greatest. Just make sure you don’t miss the real flavour of a traditional Romanian feast –  “mici”, fresh bread and a pinch of mustard. They go great with ice cold beer.

The greatest sunsets can be seen in Carol Park. You can enjoy plenty of greenery, monuments, and fountains while there. So no chance of boredom.

We think you deserve a bit of chill time so the best place to have a beer is Eden Garden. A lovely summer garden where all the creative, cool people gather.

The most perfect way to end such a beautiful, busy day is in Control Club. The locals think of it as one of the most active and attractive venue for music events. So if you are into really nice place to hang out while dancing and enjoying some fine cocktails, this is the place to be.

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