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Another year has passed and we find ourselves right before the enchanting Christmas time, a never-ending source of joy. Everybody loves the magical atmosphere with Christmassy decorations, sparkling lightings, and the scents of home cooked goodies. The winter holiday spirit also means quality time spent with family, having all the loved ones in one place, and gathering with friends from all over the world.

A true celebration of Christmas requires some inspired and ingenious presents as well. If you want to skip the time consuming hassle and all the shopping madness in the overcrowded shopping centres and still get your friends a thoughtful Christmas gift, we have an exciting proposal…

What do you say of a gift voucher? It’s not the typical spa, clothing vouchers and so on…It’s a voucher that allows your dear ones to take part of Bucharest’s most interesting and fun guided tours. You’ve guessed it….ours!

Don’t believe we only have one option for you to choose from. We are extremely flexible and so are our gift vouchers. Your only job will be to decide which tour of Bucharest will best fit to their personality. And, why not, pick several tours they can take while being in our beautiful city. Beside this, it’s another reason for them to come visit you more often. Win-win, we may say.

Have a look at our tours, pick the ones you find most inviting and let us know which are your choices on [email protected]. Easy peasy!


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