Interview with an artist – Cristian Scutaru

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ITB: Tell us more about you…. How did you become an artist?

Cristian Scutaru: Hello, my passion for mural painting started in church…. I always followed how painters painted the church in my neighborhood and how they managed to finish 1, 2 Saints each they, saints that I visually memorized. This was my first contact with mural painting. I enrolled after in the art school from Galati, since the 5th grade until I finished the 8th. After that, during high school and College, I followed the department of mural painting. I was at College and later at my master’s degree in Iasi. I don’t consider myself as a street artist and I don’t think of myself as part of the movement. I think of myself as a low suburban and maybe a muralist artist.

ITB: What is the art work that represents you the best and why? Your so called “signature work” if we can call it like that. Tell us more about what inspires you and how do you choose the subjects for your artwork.

Cristian Scutaru: The art work called “Aurora” from the Epoque Hotel I think that represents me the best in this moment. It is, in my opinion, a perfect mix between realism and abstractionism by color and shape and I can say it is a “splendid” piece of work.

Through my work I try to inspire the people with the feeling of joy, enthusiasm and maybe a reconnection with the childhood, that period of each other’s lives where everything was beautiful, full of color and pure. I think we need to take care of that feeling of pure and splendor even now.

In my project, I generally have an incipient idea, that may be a character or a portrait depending the area or the theme proposed.

ITB: What is your opinion about the street art movement in Bucharest and in the rest of the country?

Cristian Scutaru: Recently this movement has grown a lot and new characters appeared and I think this is a really good thing.

The Street Art scene, if I can call it like that, it is, unfortunately, based on mural painting that have a lack of content or message.

It is either a really good idea, but with a poor technique, or it is a technically a good art work, but with a lack of message.

Of course there are a lot of exceptions.

I strongly believe that the young people should be more encouraged to make art by arranging some places where they can practice a lot or maybe to be let to color all the abandoned buildings in this town.

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ITB: What piece of advice would you give to a young aspiring man or maybe not so young, but who wishes to do what you do? What are the challenges with whom the street art developers are confronting in Romania?

Cristian Scutaru: The young people that want to make big dimensions wall paintings must paint a lot or work with the painting sprays. They generally need study to learn how to do that properly.

They don’t need to copy art works from Pinterest, Instagram etc. They don’t need to choose an artist pattern and copy his work as most of the artist from our country do. They must believe with every piece of their soul and to have faith that they will succeed everything they put in their mind. They must have a plan of action that help them decide where to start and make them comfortable with the possible changes.

And if they want to make money out of street art they have to be really good at what they are doing, so they have to work a lot. Mural paintings require exercise, physical work and the power to control a big surface and improve it with styling and creativity.

The authorities started to be very receptive at this kind of collaborations and people in general accept wall painting… Instead, they don’t accept the tags.

ITB: What is your favorite wall from Bucharest?

Cristian Scutaru: I am my favorite wall/mural artist and my favorite art work from a wall is “Aurora” from the Epoque Hotel and I am really glad that I made this project here with you. I like really bright colors, I can say that I am obsessed with them, I like to use all of the colors possible.

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ITB: What can you tell us about your most recent project in which we collaborate with the ones from Epoque. Where did this idea come from? What is really the drawing about? What would you want people to notice about the wall? Is there any special technique or special materials that are worth mentioning?

Cristian Scutaru: The Mural painting was made within eight days and it has a surface of approximatively 230m². Its name is “Aurora” and the techniques that were used are washable paint and spray.

The art work is part of the collection entitled “Openness”, which started in 2019. The concept starts from the beauty of the childhood represented by a portrait of a little girl with big and pure eyes and next to her we add many flowers and bright colors.

ITB: For those who want to know more about the street art movement in Bucharest, are there any demo workshops where people can go and assist to the project of creation itself?

Cristian Scutaru: I don’t know if there are any workshops of this kind in Bucharest, but I recall that last year was one workshop organized by the ones from Street Delivery or Feeder.

ITB: What do you think can be done more to outline this type of art? How can the citizen or the authorities and even the tourist that comes out randomly with the street art support it more?

Cristian Scutaru: The citizens, tourists and the rest of the community could easily encourage this kind of artistic activities by liking and sharing on Facebook and then by messaging and involving in the process of creating mural paintings by donation of materials such as chalk.

Unfortunately, we need quite a few charity actions for the introduction of a mural painting.

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