ITB sends you on an Amsterdam trip

Total Amsterdam Tour
Total Amsterdam TourPhoto source: Urban Adventures
Bikes and Dyks Tour Amsterdam
Bikes and Dyks Tour AmsterdamPhoto source: Urban Adventures
The Original Amsterdam Beer Tour
The Original Amsterdam Beer Tour Photo source: Urban Adventures
Total Amsterdam Tour
Total Amsterdam TourPhoto source: Urban Adventures

As we promised you not so long ago, here is more info on one of the most popular and beloved destinations covered by our friends from Urban Adventures. Adding a fun and fresh vibe to the must see places and making your journey as delightful it can be is part of their job description.

So…planning to escape from extremely hot temperatures and heading to the more chilly Netherlands? Then a stop to its charming capital is a must. Being one of Europe’s greatest cities, Amsterdam is so much more than tolerant drug culture or famous sex shows of the Red Light District.

If you think that simply covering the monumental museums, colourful markets and their famous narrow streets is not enough, then we’re on the same page. So, have a look on a few of the Urban Adventures guided tours available in Amsterdam and pick the one that suits you!

Bikes and Dyks – an Amsterdam bike tour like no other. Start pedalling through this city’s incredible array of canals, dykes, and culture. Your effort will be paid off with a healthy dose of Amsterdam’s quirkiest tales.

The Original Amsterdam Beer Tour – being a heavy drinker is not mandatory. Having fun exploring all the best bars, breweries and beer halls it is.

Total Amsterdam Tour – You’re getting the best of the above tours and some hints on Dutch traditions. Make sure to allow a full-day for this adventurous tour!

These exciting tours go from 38 to 52 €/ per person, but you can use the UABUC promo code for 10% discount!

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Featured image source: Urban Adventures