Karpatia Horse Show

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You know how we like to keep you updated with the coolest events that are happening. Usually in Bucharest, but we think this one is worth mentioning.

The most awaited and full of adrenaline equine event of this year is happening now, 30 September – 2 October, at Cantacuzino Domain in Floresti, Prahova. Just 80 km away from Bucharest. Karpatia Horse Show is all about horse riding, competition and fun. It is addressed to horse and equitation lovers, but also to those planning to see some architectural gems and have some pretty interesting and fun experiences.

Besides watching the amazing horse show and the international competition itself, you can take a few horse rides or even riding lessons. If horse power is more your thing, Toyota Romania is there for drive-tests. Wait, there are still some other cool activities to try on – besides the walks on this beautiful domain, you can rent/ride bikes, try the flying fox, do some tree climbing, or maybe some archery.

The cultural field is not in any way neglected. Saturday the “Lost and found objects” conference held by Adrian Buga will start at 15.30. What is this about? About the object belonging of Cantacuzino family held by museums or collectors.

Sunday at 14.00 starts 2 conferences held by Fundatia Calea Victoriei: „The history of gardens” by the historian Monica Neatu and “The history of equitation in Romania” by the historian and our lovely tour guide Anita Sterea. You will found out everything about the rich families that held huge domains in Romania, private parties and public events. And the birth of equitation, the public famous figures passionate by and spicy details on them on top of that.

The food&drinks court is packed with lots of delicious stuff – grill food, traditional deliciousness, and artisan ice-cream and home-made sweets. Did we mention the cotton candy? Yes, you’ll have that too!

The fashion is also part of this picture. Unique hats, cool designed clothes, accessories- they have it all. Your kids can take part to some pretty great workshops and your pets are welcomed to the event!

More info about the event, schedule and tickets can be found on https://www.facebook.com/events/1606808672678735/

Featured image source: Stefan Stoica Photography

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