The lesser-known parks of Bucharest

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Bucharestians do love and enjoy a good walk in the park. The beautiful parks our city features are the favourite hangout places for so many locals. We covered the most popular parks in our previous ‘3-must-visit-parks’ article (here’s the link to it just in case you’ve missed it – This time our focus is on the less known but still tourist-friendly parks of Bucharest. The ones that will give you the most authentic vibes of this city, and a well-deserved share of relaxation. Warning! You may feel a sudden energy boost after paying them a visit, and sometimes even experience an increased level of joy…

Gradina Icoanei Park

You can easily end up in Gradina Icoanei Park once you adventure yourself into the streets behind the beautiful Magheru Boulevard. This tiny jewel sits very close to Ioanid Park so you can easily pass through both. We think of it as being one of the most bohemian of all, and local’s favourite place to relax in the city’s centre. So there is no wonder to see a lot of people just stopping here to enjoy their coffee or even have a good read in the park.

Kiseleff Park

Once a forest, the Kiseleff Park sits in the northern and posh area of Bucharest and it was actually designed by Karl Wilhelm Mayer, the same landscape architect of the Imperial Gardens in Vienna and Cismigiu Park. Locals turn to this when feeling like escaping from the city crowdedness and diving more into the green convoluted alleys, and massive trees. Make sure you don’t miss all the statues, and monuments as you take long serene walks.

IOR Park

We step a little outside the touristic area and into the east side of Bucharest to tell you a bit about the second largest park in Bucharest (Herastrau comes first). Known as IOR, Titan or Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park is a little piece of heaven among the grey concrete flats around. It’s tidy, clean, and perfect for rollers and bikers alike. You can show your sport skills on the basketball and tennis courts or just go the old fashion way and have a sit beside its natural lake.

Tineretului Park

We head a bit more to the south this time to see one of the most popular parks – Tineretului. Here you can spot a lot of joggers, bikers, or just nature’s lovers. With all the tress and tempting gardens, emerald-green lake, dedicated playgrounds for kids, everybody can easily fit into the casual, invigorating atmosphere. And you can even indulge yourself with a great pool and a fancy restaurant that can be found right next to it (Daimon Club).

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