Meet: Lala, our local guide in Bucharest

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We are extremely proud and happy to have such an amazing team of local tour guides – we always think of them as the local experts of Bucharest. Our team of urban explorers is made of artists, students, historians and talented freelancers. Different background, but the same shared passion & enthusiasm for fun, travelling and, of course, Bucharest.

It took a while to gather so many knowledgeable, charismatic and open minded people all in one place, but we do have now like the best team ever for the best day ever. They are in charge to take you to the most interesting places in Bucharest, provide an incredible travel experience, and give you plenty of local tips for what to see, where to head for the best food and drinks, and how to make the most of your time spent in Bucharest.

Today we are planning to find out more about Lala and her personal view over Bucharest.

Where are you from and, if the case, what led you to Bucharest?

I was born in Bucharest, on Harmony Street, since then I have always lived in the silent neighborhoods around the city centre, so I never get lost on the apparently chaotic streets 😊.

How did you end up becoming a tour guide?

I enjoy very much the sharing stories about the city, seeing how people receive the city with fresh eyes.

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What about Bucharest makes you proud?

I think that the charm of Bucharest is the fact that it is a very eclectic city and that you can see layers of time while walking on just a corner of a street, and also it has a very interesting blend of cultures underneath its obvious surface.

Do you have any favorite local traditions?

I like to make Russian paska and blini.

What’s one thing people need to know about Bucharest before they visit?

That it’s not easy to understand at first glance but once you feel its mixed personality it will become like a very familiar friend.

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Bucharest?

Icoanei and Ioanid area.

What’s your favorite spot in Bucharest?

The parks of Bucharest on a summer day.

bucharest guided tours

What’s your favorite thing to eat and drink in Bucharest?

I like to drink lemonade or gin tonic with red pepper, and I enjoy eating zucchini with cheese.

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