Meet: Sergiu, our local Bucharest guide

Meet: Sergiu, our local tour guide in Bucharest
Meet: Sergiu, our local tour guide in Bucharest

Today it’s all about Sergiu – one of the most beloved local experts of Bucharest and the star of our Outcast Tour. Our guests are highly impressed to see Bucharest through the eyes of Sergiu – a formerly homeless local that left the dark days behind and living now more glorious and interesting times ;).

How did you end up becoming a tour guide?

About three years ago Doru (the ITB founder) come to “Parada Foundation”, a local NGO, and he proposed a project to them. The project aimed to help a youngster with basic English knowledge to become a tourist guide, and Doru even create a special tour around our stories – the social part of Bucharest. Long story short, I was the lucky one.

What about Bucharest makes you proud?

I cannot say that it makes me proud, but since an early age, I was looking at Bucharest as the city of all possibilities. I still feel the same about this city, and there are a lot of experiences to confirm my belief.  What really makes me proud is that being able to live and work in such a big city like Bucharest also allows me to improve the life of poor people. It’s the little things in life that bring us joy…

Do you have any favorite local traditions?

I like traditional foodJ. My favorite place is “fabrica de mancare” (the food factory) – it’s like an updated eating hall where you can have like the best traditional or less traditional dishes. I like to have here bean stew with smoked meat or sausages, slowly roasted cabbage stew, fish & rice, etc. The place is cozy, cheap, and I’m always feeling like dining in a normal Romanian house.

What’s one thing people need to know about Bucharest before they visit?

Bucharest is beautiful. This pretty much sums it all.

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Bucharest?

Ferentari is my favorite neighborhood. I live there, and it feels like the border between civilization and underground. The best thing about my neighborhood is that is extremely peaceful, and not so noisy like other neighborhoods.

What’s your favorite spot in Bucharest?

My favorite spot in Bucharest is Herastrau Park. I like very much to go there to find peace and often find myself.

What do you think travelers should eat and drink when in Bucharest?

The travelers should eat cabbage rolls with polenta (sarmale cu mamaliga) because they are our most famous dish. For a drink, any guest should try our local brandy (called palinca or tuica), and an ice cold locally brewed beer.