New museums in Bucharest

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Bucharest gives plenty of choices for the history and art fans and we always have like the coolest exhibitions popping up on the events’ scene. While you may be looking for the big hitters or the lesser-known gems, we’ve rounded up the newest museums of Bucharest for those looking for groovy alternatives to the classics.

Dinu Lipatti Museum

Called the Dinu Lipatti House of Arts, this newly opened cultural center will be enlivened by festivals and concerts celebrating good music and the legacy of our great musician, you’ve guessed it, Dinu Lipatti. And the cool thing is that the place that hosts the museum is the place where this talented pianist and composer actually lived. 12 Lascăr Catargiu, in case you were wondering.

The Museum of Senses

This is like the ‘thing’ everyone talks about right now. Everyone is curious and intrigued by this new concept and eager to pay a visit. No wonder, as they promise to awaken all our senses through spine-tingling sensory experiences and crazy cool optical illusions. The only thing is that you have to adventure yourself in a shopping mall (AFI Cotroceni) to enjoy all of that, but you’ll have a chance to discover more of the ‘local’ vibe of Bucharest this way.

The Museum of Ages

The former aristocratic Filipescu-Cesianu House on 151 Calea Victoriei is a beautifully-restored Belle Époque style building turned into a…museum of ages. What is like? The best way of putting the exhibition in words would be like a story of our day-to-day life in the past 300 years. Urban anthropology at its finest.

Romanian Kitsch Museum

Kitsch is fun, they say. And it really is. This is the go-to-place (6 Covaci, Old City Center) to check our most ridiculous choices when it comes to home decorations and other insanely kitschy objects. From carpets hanged on the walls to chintzy trinkets, and gaudy religious pieces, this place is the home of all tasteless and useless objects Romanians used to collect. Some of them may still be found in old houses, but, shhh…you didn’t hear it from us.

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