St. George and His Playful Dragon

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the completion of our first street-art project.

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The artwork stands at a whopping 19×16 meteres, on  5 Baniei street, in St. George Square (Romania’s Km 0).

100% funded with money from our tours, and with great help from Google AdGrants (thank you Google, you are the best !), the painting took a total of 36 hours to complete.

A big thank you to Iustin Moldovan, for organizing and to Obie, Kero and Irlo for working almost non-stop. You are heroes, guys!

But most of all, a big big thank you to YOU, our guests, for supporting alternative tourism, the local community and the street-art movement.

We hope to see you in large numbers on the streets of Bucharest this summer.

Peace out!