Night of Houses Bucharest

THE ROOM, 5 Mihai Eminescu Street
THE ROOM, 5 Mihai Eminescu StreetPhoto credit:
MODULAB, 153 Viitorului Street
MODULAB, 153 Viitorului StreetPhoto credit:
HOME MATASARI, 17 Matasari Street
HOME MATASARI, 17 Matasari StreetPhoto credit:, Interesting Times Bureau
COLIVIA, 9 Pache Protopopescu Street
COLIVIA, 9 Pache Protopopescu StreetPhoto credit:, Interesting Times Bureau

The third edition of Night of Houses, a night tour of Bucharest alternative houses and apartments, took place on Saturday, October 15. It was a great chance to meet artists, extremely creative people and craftsmen who turned their homes (15 on our last count) into true creative/cultural places.

Beside the lovely walk through Bucharest’s centre and a bit of socialising with the most hip locals, we also took some shots of the most bold and innovative ideas. And felt like a part of the small, artistic and socially active communities.

The event was more than just a tour. It was about promoting a new wave. A cultural one. One that puts locals in search for unconventional experiences together with talented and visionary artists.

Not sure if it was the good vibe, the mulled wine or the idea of exploring some new territories itself, but we loved it. The cutting-edge designs combined with ingenious visuals and completed with original sounds was spot on.

We are guessing that happens when true bohemian spirit, cool paintings, sculptures and graphics join the party. And an awesome party it was. Not to mention the interactive instalments, video mapping and a lot of groovy workshops.