The Night of Museums Bucharest

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Bucharest’s already super vibrant night scene is getting richer every year with the already extremely popular Night of Museums event. Just like in many other European countries (where the event is also known as the Long Night of Museums), this much awaited cultural event is all about museums and cultural hubs being open till late in the night. Most of them are being on display year round, but it has something to do with the magic and liveliness of the city in this very special night that make everyone excited about it. Not to mention free access.

145 museums and partners will bring into the spotlight the most valuable collections, exhibitions and special tours on May 20. While the art, technical and history museums will get to shine, as usual, there are a few slightly different events that caught our eyes.

The always fascinating Bellu Cemetery will be hosting some pretty jazz and classic music shows, theatre plays and guided tours (almost as good as ours – Nod Makerspace is creating the Muzeu 3017 time capsule expo showing the real life of Bucharestians seen from the future, and by contrasts, Fundatia Calea Victoriei plans to send you back to the fancy classy Interbellum Bucharest.

Uber steps in with some free rides, and Questo free app keeps you posted and entertained all night long. It’s only up to you to grab your friends and family, keep up the good mood and enjoy the cultural ride.

The full list of museums, activities and schedule can be found on For english speakers –

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